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How to select the best website design for your church

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

We are continuing with Love Your Website month at OurChurch.Com and during the month of February, we are discussing all the ways that you can show love to your website.

One way to love your website and for others to love your website is to select a theme or design that looks great and is a good reflection of who you are as an organization.

The theme/template of your website controls so many different features on your website.  To help you understand the impact and importance of carefully selecting a theme, we have listed the top 7 features that your theme controls and examples of each:

  1. Will your homepage’s header be all one section with a video or image that extends behind the header/navigation menu (bbcprospect.com) or separate from the a welcome image, image slider, or video (joyandjesus.org)?
  2. Will the top of your homepage be a video (http://princeofpeace.net) or an image slider (remodelinglakeland.com)?
  3. Will your logo be in the top left part of your header (https://orangeblossom.org) or will it be centered (aheartlikehisfoundation.org)?
  4. Do you want a traditional navigation menu that displays across the top of your website (mirandaburnetteministries.org) or do you want a “hamburger” menu (manometbiblechurch.com?
  5. Do you want a design that takes up the full width of the screen (mecoglobal.com) or a boxed design that has defined points where the content begins and ends on the left and right (freeradioworks.com)?
  6. Do you want parallax on your homepage?  Parallax design allows for layering of content.  Most often, there will be a static image in the background with text or other images put “over top” of the background image.  It also allows for a scrolling effect so the background image scrolls up/down at a different speed than the content that is over top (promisedlandfm.org).
  7. Do you want a static navigation menu where the menu disappears when a visitor scrolls down on the page (haasbrothers.com) or a sticky navigation menu where the navigation menu “sticks” at the top of the page when a visitor scrolls down the page (kirkusaire.com)?

That’s quite a list of features to consider when selecting a church website design.  One great part of building a site with OurChurch.Com is that if you build your website yourself with our easy-to-use WP-EZ web builder, you have dozens of themes to choose from.

We  make new themes available on a regular basis. There’s no cost to switch to a different theme.  So, if you’ve had the same theme for a couple years, maybe it’s time to give your website a fresh, new look?

Additionally, if you would rather have OurChurch.Com build your website for you, we will discuss these features with you and find premium themes that include the features you want for your website.

Good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks. –Irene Au

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Let us know what you how we can help you with your website design.  Please post your comments below or contact us here.

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