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Here’s your solution…

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Ready to secure your website and replace that disconcerting “not secure” message with “Secure?”

Let me introduce you to OurChurch.Com’s…

Affordable, Full-Service SSL Certificates

What will an affordable, full-service SSL certificate do for you?

  1. Encrypt data your visitors enter into forms – contact forms, prayer request forms, online registration forms

  2. Encrypt your username & password when you login to your website. Did you know if you login to an http webpage that doesn’t have an SSL someone within range of your WIFI with the right tools could view your login info?

  3. Encrypt data sent from your website to your website visitors. If you have password protected pages but they are viewed without an SSL someone within range of their WIFI with the right tools could view this data.

  4. Encrypt data in your website admin. If you view sensitive data like newsletter lists and prayer requests in your website admin without an SSL, someone within range of your WIFI with the right tools could view this data.

  5. We purchase, configure, install and setup your SSL certificate for you

  6. We make the necessary updates to your website so it works at https URLs

  7. Redirect all http URLs to https so all visitors are using the secure system and Google knows to update your search listings to https URLs

  8. Eliminate the unnerving “not secure” message shown in web browsers and replace it with “Secure”

BONUS: Google now gives https sites a boost in search rankings!

You’re probably asking, “How much is all of this goodness going to cost us?”

The regular price for an SSL certificate, installation, and configuration is $99/year. For 3 days only we’re going to all of this for less than half that.

For 3 days only get it all for just $49!

And if you purchase your SSL during this special offer, you will be able to renew it for the same price in future years.

Affordable Full-Service SSL Certificates launch Wednesday August 8th and the special price of $49/yr will only be available until 5 PM EST Friday, Aug 10th. After that, this special offer goes away!

Meet with your decision-makers now and be ready to pull the trigger Wednesday August 8th.

Remember these wise words…

Better safe than sorry. -Proverb

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Any questions?  Post them in a comment below.  We want you to have all the info you need to make a decision before Wednesday

About the author

Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


  • Having the SSL is very important, we all know that but many are those who can not afford that and for them, this kind of deal for the SSL certificate will be very beneficial and by this, they can enable the SSL certification on their website. [link removed by admin]

  • The heading is: “The Solution or Fix.” I recognize the problem. If this is the fix, why is there a yearly cost?This is my concern. Even though the cost was approved by my Pastor.

    • Great question Carolyn! When you get an SSL certificate, the certificate issuer (a 3rd party company we work with) requires that you prove ownership of your domain name and authenticate the server. (We do this on your behalf.) This allows a visitor’s web browser to know the identity of the server it is connecting to. Every SSL certificate has a validity period of one year. After that year is up, the SSL certificate no longer works. A new SSL certificate has to be ordered, domain ownership proven again, server authenticated again, and new certificate installed and configured.

      If SSLs didn’t expire, on the sad occasion when a ministry ceases operation and doesn’t renew its domain name, a scammer could buy that domain name and pretend to be the old organization with a nice, reassuring “Secure” at the top of the web browser.

  • Paul, Great offer. Just to clarify for myself: As I understand it, when a website is secure, the http: becomes https:.. Our website shows “https: Are we secure? If the “s” shows up on our address, do we need the certificate you’re offering? Thanks

    • Hi Dennis, that’s correct. tburgbaptist.com already has an SSL certificate which was installed along with YODA, so you don’t need the SSL solution we’re launching today.

      However, there is an issue that is causing Google Chrome to indicate “your website is not fully secure.” Chrome does that when a site has an SSL but some images are still being referenced with http URLs. This isn’t really a security issue to display images encrypted but we want you and your visitors to see the “Secure” notice and know everything is secure, so I’ve asked a member of our development team to fix this and assess this part of the SSL setup to help prevent this from happening with other sites.

  • Thanks so much Paul. It is a pleasure being one of your clients. The support we receive is phenomenal. And I really appreciate your integrity and your willingness to go out of your way to make sure things are right. Blessings ~ d

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