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ANNOUNCEMENT: Be The First to Get WP-EZ 2.0

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

(Edit 8/24 6:15 AM: signup for the beta testing is now closed)

The next version of our WP-EZ Website Builder – WP-EZ 2.0 – is just about ready for launch. It includes some key improvements to help you live out you mission online, many of which came from the suggestions of WP-EZ users:

Some of the new features that will be in WP-EZ 2.0 include:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • More modern, mobile-first themes
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Pages featuring multiple content areas
  • Page templates (pages already laid out with sample content so all you have to do is swap in your own text and images)

You can see a WP-EZ 2.0 demo site here.

We will work with 7 (and only 7) beta testers

If you are one of the first 7 people to sign up to be a beta tester, you will get a brand new website at absolutely no additional cost to you.  Here’s how it works:

  • We will import into your website the brand new Dragon Drop Church theme, which looks just like the example above and includes all the pages and content in that example.
  • You customize your site by removing any of the pages you don’t want and adding any additional pages.
  • You customize the pages by replacing the text and image with your own.
  • We will be available to help you customize your site and learn to use the new features.
  • When you are done customizing your new pages, you click one button to “Activate” WP-EZ 2.0 which will publish all the new WP-EZ 2.0 pages and unpublish all your current pages for you.
  • You complete a survey to provide feedback on WP-EZ 2.0 and the transition process.

How to become a beta tester

Currently the only theme we have ready for testing is a church theme, so your website must be for a church.  Additionally, we are giving members with the Gold hosting package the opportunity to become beta testers.  If you have a Silver, Bronze or Free site, upgrade to Gold and you can be a beta tester.

To ensure beta testers are serious about testing and completing their new site, we are requiring a $100 refundable deposit during the signup.  Once you launch your new site and complete the survey, we will refund the $100 deposit, so it costs you nothing.

Signup to be a WP-EZ 2.0 beta tester by making your deposit here! (edit: link removed, beta testing signup closed)

We will be creating WP-EZ 2.0 Beta Test FAQs and WP-EZ 2.0 FAQs.  If you have any questions about WP-EZ 2.0 or the beta testing, please post them in a comment below or email support (at) ourchurch (dot) com


  •  What do you think of the WP-EZ 2.0 demo site?
  • What questions do you have about WP-EZ 2.0 or the beta testing?

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