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Make Your Life Easier; Let your Website Work For You (part 5)

Easy StreetWe are in our fifth week of discussing how to make your website work for you.  As mentioned in weeks past, your website should be an effective tool for your organization, not a time waster that exists just because people think you should have a website.

Today, we will discuss the third specific way that your website can save you time and money:

Online Forms

Although forms are similar to event registration, the way they differ is that event registration is for a specific event which occurs at a particular time, whereas forms are used for things that are not tied for any specific date or event.  Examples of forms are:

  1. Volunteer application
  2. Medical information form
  3. Donation form (for donating non monetary items)
  4. Liability release forms

If you are still using paper forms the process is usually something like this:

  1. The form is created on a computer.
  2. The form is printed.
  3. The forms are passed out, mailed, or emailed.
  4. The form will be manually filled out by those participating.
  5. Participants must physically turn the completed forms to someone.
  6. The person collecting the forms needs to file them in case they need to be referenced sometime in the future.

4 Benefits to Using Online Event Registration

  1. All you need to do is create the form from your website and inform people of the online form.
  2. All of the information from the completed form is stored on the back end of your website.
  3. No more dealing with the problems of lost forms or keeping track of all the forms that returned.
  4. Save time and staff costs over the inefficiency of using paper forms.

What are you using for forms?  Are you still using paper forms?  Is it time to save yourself time and money by moving towards the use of online forms?

If you are ready to take the next step in becoming more efficient & cost effective and want to talk to one of our website experts about how we can help, please contact us here.

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