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Written by davearnold

sun ray in forestIn today’s world, there’s a lot of noise. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you are a blogger or have a website or newsletter, you may feel a like a small fish in a huge sea of “voices.”

I know I do.

Nevertheless, I can’t think of a more important and vital time to get your voice out there – your story – and make a difference in the world through the amazing, and sometimes complex, internet-driven world.

But how? How do you even make a splash out there?

I’d like to suggest four ways you can share your story.

1. Take the first step. Honestly, this may be the hardest part. Sometimes you just have to take the
plunge and get out there. Start a blog. Open a Twitter account. Start a website or newsletter. Use Facebook as a way to minister to people rather than just having friends.

Now is the best time to start. You have a voice. You have a story. But you need to take the first step or no one will hear.

2. People need inspiration. All we have to do is turn on the news or read the headlines in the
paper to know what sells: drama and tragedy. Most of the top stories are about tragedy, violence or scandals. But people are starving for inspiration. To hear a story of hope. To learn about how someone overcame impossible odds.

It’s the fuel people need to keep going.  The internet is a great way to spread hope. You have the opportunity to speak into the darkness all around you with the hope of Christ.

3. People are listening. You may think – as I have – “who will actually read this?” “There are so many more important people out there than me.” But you are the only you on the planet. And because of that, you have a unique perspective. You have a story.

What I think people are looking for on the internet more than anything is not quick fixes or even success stories (as inspirational as those can be). No. What people are really longing for is authenticity.

They want to know is this person real. Do they struggle? Do they fail?

A few months ago, I wrote a very difficult blog post about one of the hardest time of my life, of the time I almost called it quits. I poured my heart out. And you know what? People responded. They thanked me for sharing and being vulnerable. I know God used it. (You can read that post, entitled “A Year in the Shadows… And the Lessons I Learned” here.)

4. We are called to proclaim. As Christians, we are called to proclaim the good news of Jesus. Back in the day, people used stand on barrels and preach on the streets to share Christ. Now we have the internet… and radio, satellite, and many, many other avenues. The point is we are called to proclaim the gospel.

I can’t think of a better way to share Christ than through your story. It takes intentionality and, at times, creativity. But people long for stories. We are story-telling and story-hearing people. That’s how God created us.
And we have the opportunity to be a part of the greatest Story in history.

Questions: What is a story you could share on the internet or through social media? Can you think of any other way we can share our stories on the web? Would love to hear.

About the author


I've been involved in pastoral ministry and church planting for the last fourteen years. Currently, I lead Reflections From The Alley, an organization that seeks to help the church reach out to the broken, the poor, and refugees. I am also a blogger and writer. My first book, "Pilgrims of the Alley: Living Out Faith in Displacement" comes out in the Winter or Spring of 2013.


  • Great post!
    It is amazing how much of a difference we can all make for His kingdom! I never thought of myself as a writer at all. (I don't even like to read very much!) I decided to start a Christian website a few months back and it has been amazing the amount of traffic it gets from all over the world. Point is, there are a lot of people out there wanting and needing to learn more about Christ. You don't have to be a Pastor, writer, or any other title. Give it a try and let the Lord lead you!

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