Win 2 Tickets to the Willow Creek Leadership Summit

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

willow-creek-leadership-summitIf leadership within the church does not prevail, eventually the culture will gobble them up and they won’t make it to the next generation. It’s already happening. Statistics cite church failings all the time.

But there’s hope.

The Willow Creek Association believes to its core that if you change a leader, you can change a church. If you change a church, then you can effect change to the city, the region, and the country. Our vision is that one day it will be normal for every church to thrive. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t be easy, but it can happen as long as leaders do one thing: follow God’s Spirit in establishing biblical patterns of church life that blaze new trails and live out Christ’s teaching from Matthew 28.

These are the kinds of churches the WCA is called to inspire and equip.

wca-Summit-RegisterThe Global Leadership Summit is an annual infusion of leadership training that helps leaders grow and thrive. The faculty is carefully selected with one goal in mind—to challenge all aspects of your leadership—whether you lead a ministry, a business, a large team, a small group, or a family. There’s a lot at stake and leadership matters!

The Summit is less than two months away (August 9 and 10). You have a few days left to take advantage of Early Bird pricing, which expires Tuesday, June 26. Ourchurch.com readers can save $20 on any satellite registration by using the special code ‘churchtrend’.

Win a Pair of Tickets!

We’d also like to offer one winner a pair of tickets to the satellite location of their choice. Just…

  1. Leave a comment below telling us who you’d bring to the Summit and why, AND
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We’ll select a winner on June 26!

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.


  • I would bring our Teaching Pastor! He has significant influence on our community of believers and appreciates the opportunity to attend leadership conferences like this (but our budget is very, very small).

  • Paul, this is going to sound unusual but I would bring my 13-year-old daughter. She has just launched a blog http://www.spiritualsparks.weebly.com where she tries to encourage and disciple young teenage girls. She also plays the guitar and is an Asst Teacher and worship leader in our Children and Youth depts at church. She is showing amazing potential. As her father, I want to expand her leadership worldview. By taking her to Willow Creek or a satellite location, this would enable her to see leadership at its highest level. Who knows what God will do with what will be invested in her heart. Thanks for the consideration and I am posting this in Facebook and Twitter!

  • I would take my son. He is in his final year as a ministry student and is currently working as a Youth pastor at a local church. I believe that he would benefit greatly from this experience. Not to mention the opportunity to share this experience with him would be an unforgettable experience for his old man. I will also share this @christndroid on Twitter.

  • I would take my best friend who is my wife…we've been married this summer for 40 years and we've always been a 'team'. She has always been a source of encouragement and supports the ministries no matter what the cost. Even in the midst of a huge workload she has always been there for our children. She is an example for all the women in the church and in the community. She is a person of peace and inner strength even when caring for her mother with dementia. She really is the most self-less person I've ever met and keeps me the Pastor always ready to go to the next need.I'm sharing on Facebook.

  • I would bring my wife. Many times we want to empower others within the ministry but we need to consider that our wives are influencing us when no one is there. We need her to expand her leadership knowledge so when she does talk she is sharing wise ideas, counsel and considerations.

  • I would bring Pastor Kimberly Dube we have worked together in intercession , leadership development, bible college and in evangelism we want to see the body of Christ grow and be revived.

  • I would bring my senior Pastor. He is very influential, an old guard and very resistant to change. If he catches this vision, not only will it impact my ministry but also all my pastor friends who are under him.

  • I would bring my ministry coordinator, Luis who is a great friend and also someone who is leading our worship ministry school in our search of God, His presence and purpose in our individual lives and impact in the community. This will be the first time either of us have attended and I hope to make it!

  • Without doubt I will bring our pastor Trevor Hudson, a humble but amazing follower of Christ. Once you’ve met him, he will surely be invited as speaker to the 2013 GLS.
    Blessings, Elna (South Africa – Mosaiek Church).

  • I would take my boss. She is constantly in challenging leadership positions and I think would be encouraged by attending the conference. It could also help her (and me) to find new ways to solidly incorporate our faith with our vocation.

  • It would be great to bring my friend, Daniel Pierce, who is planting a new church in Greensboro NC. I know he'd be encouraged and it would be great to have someone else there to discuss what we hear!

  • I would LOVE to bring my son. He is 20 yrs old and searching for who he is to become. I would like him to see past himself, to be inspired and see the potential he carries; to become the world-changer he can be!

  • I would bring my friend Cecilia. I see such leader potential in her, I don't think she sees in herself. The Summitt made such a huge impact on me last year and I would live for her to be impacted and on fire to be a leader making a kingdom minded difference in our community!

  • I went to my first Leadership Summit in 2004. There I heard 3 speakers, whose books I read, and it changed my life. (1) Marcus Buckingham, (2) Tim Sanders, and (3) Steve Sample. From then, my life was changed immensely because of what I learned and what I applied.

    If I would win 2 tickets, I would give them to people I know who are seeking to fulfill their passions. That's was me in 2004, and now I am deep into pursuing my passions of reading, writing, speaking, and leading.

  • I have never been to a leadership Summit but would love to attend to fulfill my passion of becoming a leader to the teen girls at my church ..

  • I have never been to a Leadership Summit but would love to attend and bring along someone that has the same leadership has I do.. I want to seek to fulfill my leadership passion of leading my youth at my church especially the teen girls ..

    • Leading the youth and impacting the next generation of leaders is such an incredibly important ministry – keep on Serena!

  • I would bring the principal from my child’s school. One of the speakers was featured in the movie “Waiting on Superman” and I would love to bring someone in education leadership to the Summit.

  • While I am a member of a wonderful, growing church, I have felt challenged by the need to be outside the walls of the church doing my best to be like Jesus. I have had the opportunity to influence a number of non-profits as a consultant, helping them see how to stay true to the word, while working in the world. However, I still felt there was more I needed to do. So, at the age of 51, I am entering the teaching profession, teaching science in a high school where most of the students don't believe in themselves enough to value an education or going to college. I need wisdom on how to influence them to see their own worth and seek to be more than just a statistic. Everything I learn will also help me teach the 5th and 6th graders cementing their worldviews at church, and in raising my family to put God first as a strategy for life. I believe that the two tickets to this summit would provide me the access to knowledge that I can turn into wisdom.

    • Great story, Chris! Blessings as you start a new chapter leading and influencing the next generation of leaders.

  • hello! i wold love come learn more about being a leader and would bring my hubby if I win a ticket!

  • Easy…I'd take my wife. Together, by God's grace, we have amazing potential to impact the world. She is a Christian counselor and the lessons from the Global Leadership Summit would have far reaching impact as she works with her clients. I am a business leader and the lesson's I'd learn would have far reaching impact as well. And most importantly, together we parent our three amazing boys who are 8, 11, and 13. We are committed to raising young men who grow up to serve and I tear up thinking about the amazing impact they'll have throughout their life. What an opportunity and what a responsibility. We'll take all the help we can get.

  • I would take my right hand man, Bryan. 15 months ago we launched a new church together and are trying to figure out how to faithfully pastor and lead our growing new church!

  • I'd take my talented daughter Melissa. She just graduated from Calvin College with a degree in Psychology and ready to launch towards her next life step… Having attended multiple leadership summits has made such a profound difference in my life and it would be an honor to share this years experience with my daughter. Thank you.

  • I would bring my best friend Tiffany. She just got promoted to a new position where she is feeling drained and discouraged. She is a great leader and I know the Leadership Summit would definitely ignite the passion in her to become an even better one.

  • Wow, I do not envy your position having to make a choice. I would love to give these two tickets to my church's pastor and pastor-in-training at Jericho Road Church in Wheaton. I've been in Wheaton for 11 years and over the last year I finally found a real church home here. It's a young church, and our pastor Jeff is our only salaried position. We are struggling financially right now so I don't think he could afford this but from my experience at GLS, this could be a really revitalizing couple of days for him. I would really really love to see Devlin McGuire be able to go. He is 22 and unable financially to continue his Wheaton education for now. He's currently living with church family and serving as the "free intern" at our church where he helps to lead prayer or communion and fills in leading preaching at times. Devlin has so much charisma. He definitely has the gift of teaching and I would be so excited for him to get this leadership training as God continues to prepare him for his next stage in life. As an added bonus, tomorrow when you choose a winner is my birthday and I would be so excited to win these tickets and bless these two guys which would in turn bless our church so much. It's a young growing church with so many college students, and these two leaders would in turn lead and bless so many others. Full disclosure – I'd love to say I'm totally selfless in not picking myself here, but I'm hoping (likely) to attend with some Wheaton College coworkers again. Thanks for your consideration.

  • I would take my husband. God radically changed our lives four years ago. From the bar to our knees. We are growing in leadership together and this would be a huge blessing for us!

  • I'd bring my hus. band. He loves Jesus so much and wishes for ways to share and to be able to lift those who need it outside of our circle. He is also physically and mental drained from his job. He needs time of being lifted with hope and praise. He needs the words of encouragement that comes from the Conference. I know that spending two days together would be great for us as well. Spending time with those you love, Jesus and filling each other with Love Hope and encourgement..Perfection

  • I would bring the executive director of my church. If I don't win these tickets, I will pay his way. I've attended the last six years.

  • I would bring our church's Director of Connection and Growth. This year our church is only able to send a limited number of people and I'm not sure she's on the list. She loves the Summit and I'd hate to see her miss one.

  • Hi folks, it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for. 27 of you posted comments sharing who you would take to this year's WCA Leadership Summit. So, I went to our favorite random number generating site random.org and asked it to select a random number between 1 and 27. Based on that, our winner is…

    Mickie AndrePont with comment #27 just 25 minutes before the drawing. Congrats Mickie!!!

    Thanks to all of you who share the post and shared in a comment the person you would like to bring with you to the Summit. It's awesome to see how you all have such big hearts to see the people around you grow in their leadership and capacity to serve the Lord and His church!

    If you are not Mickie AndrePont you still have a great opportunity to get special early bird pricing. But today is the last day. Tomorrow registration prices go up. You can register online at:

    I'm looking forward to experiencing the Summit again myself this year & look forward to discussing it with many of you online.

  • I would bring my partner in a Leadership Ministry we share in El Salvador Central America. It would help so much by doing our job to developing pastors and leader in this country.

  • I would bring my best friend who is a secretary in a church……we are both seniors and intent on doing the best we can to 'walk the walk' for our Lord in the way we try to live each moment…..we believe that whatever days are left of us belong to Him and this fabulous conference teaches us that Jesus loves us beyond our comprehension……AND THAT'S what we pray we demonstrate ……..thank you for the opportunity to learn!

  • After 19 years of serving in England, God has called our family to serve in Colorado. Although we didn't have teens at our church when we arrived, our two teens have attracted 50 other teens to our new youth group. I would love to bring two Senior teens to the Leadership Summit, along with some people from our church, so that we can start the new school year empowered and inspired to impact our local community. For years I have purchased copies of Leadership Summit CDs and listened to them to gain fresh direction as we served abroad. What a privilege to get to attend a satellite Summit site with young people who are excited about what God is doing in our church & community!

  • I have attended The Global Leadership Summit, and it is one of the best things I do for myself. I already have tickets for me, but I would love to take my daughter and her husband. The Summit is filled with energy, love, encouragement, and great teaching. I would encourage everyone at my church to attend.

  • I would take my brother-in-law, who is a Pastor with a newly founded church full of young adults. He's on fire for the Lord with a ministry of love and I think both he and I could benefit from experience, wisdom, fellowship and networking opportunities provided by the event.

  • I would bring my father. Together we serve in a small church in El Paso. He is the senior pastor and I am the ministry director. Our church is 95% military. It would be great for both of us to connect with other leaders and to learn what is happening in the rest of the world. I attended summit two years ago and loved it!

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