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Written by Janelle Keith

social networkIn this ever changing, soul seeking journey we call life; our journey is built on relationships.  First and foremost is our relationship is with our Creator through Jesus Christ the Risen Son.  Because of him, we have the best message to share.

How do you share it?  There are the old school ways of sharing …one on one evangelism, door to door evangelism, or the shout in your face evangelism and my least favorite… “we-are-all-going-to-Hell-in-a-hand basket” preacher on the corner evangelism.

What works for you?  As a radio DJ on a Christian station, I feel like I am always on “stage” to project truth and grace.   With the current explosion of social networking there is a bigger “stage” on which project our lives.  Your stage is the same as mine.  Our lives are a reflection of Christ.  So the challenge when living your life online is to make each moment count; make each tweet and status update matter.  I like to follow the three “R’s” as my rule when sharing online:

Be Real ~ Be Relevant ~ Be Reaching

Being real in today’s world is a challenge.  As Christians we want to have all the answers.  We project that we have it all together.  That now that we are saved, we have it all.  Get real….we don’t.  If nothing else we have just the opposite.  We are still sinful…there is only One without sin.  When the Holy Spirit works in our life, we are being transformed day by day to be like Christ.  We don’t have it all together, nor should we act like we do.  Being real with the personal struggles in our own live is one way we can connect with those who need to know the answers.  Don’t make judgmental barriers with those who need grace because you are afraid to expose your inner struggles with someone who might grow through yours.

Being relevant in today’s world is something Paul did when he was reaching out to the lost.  He knew the things of his world but didn’t partake in them.  We also must know our culture without embracing the practices so that we can connect with those who are seeking truth.  I think there is tremendous amount of opportunity online, but there are also tremendous responsibilities to shine God’s light in a dark online world by connecting in manners that are pure and encouraging.  The boundaries are individual and consistency is the key.  Let God’s truth be your guide as you lead and engage people to Jesus.

Be reaching in your own faith journey as you live online.   How to be the best witness to all 5000+friends on Facebook?  Be His.  Seek God at every turn.  You want to make an impact?  Let Him impact you.  If you are of the sharing nature, that will spill out to others who are reading your status updates, your tweets, your blogs.  That is how God works through your words to reach others.  We are vessels, and the social networking tools we have, can be what God uses to encourage, share and bring to truth.    People are watching us that is for sure.  We must stand for truth; let your truth shine with each letter.

Be bold as you live your life online.  How do you use your social network to connect for Christ?

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  • Janelle, thanks for writing today's post! I like the 3Rs. Being real, relevant and reaching are all important to being salt and light online.

    I tweet & Facebook quotes, scripture, and blog posts that encourage and help others. I also thing a big part of being real is listening and responding to @replies, comments, FB status updates, etc.

  • Thanks for posting Paul. I agree we should use every opportunity to share as a responsibility to build a community online to make a difference for those who need to be encouraged and deepen their walk of faith.

  • Social networking and God are both part of who I am so naturally it comes out by who I'm following, RTing, and what I talk about. Once you make the choice to be bold online for God it's easier because the choice is already made and then you just do it.

  • Good thoughts Becky. Our responsibility is to be bold to make the most of each post and align our responses with His truth. Thanks for reading!

  • God has called me to be an encouragement to women and girls who are struggling with all the world's lies. I strive to be real, relevant and reaching in my blog posts. Thanks for your ministry, Janelle!

  • That is an important community that needs the truth. Thanks for speaking into their lives with God's truth and your own experiences of healing to help. Appreciate your service too! Thanks for reading.

  • Don't forget BE READY, be ready to live out what you are saying online. My pastor reminds us we have to live basic before we can live big. (Go to for his sermon) Most of the time it the basic stuff that becomes the stumbling block. So be ready-local facebook friends are watching.

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