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MySpace for Ministry

Today we continue our series on the most popular website in the U.S., MySpace.  Last week we asked, “Is MySpace safe?” and discussed what parents can do to make it safer for their kids should they allow them to use MySpace.  If you’ve read any of the comments readers have posted to the first 3 articles in this series, you know there are strong opinions on both side of the issue of whether Christians ought to use MySpace.

While some Christians believe we should protect ourselves and avoid MySpace, a growing number of Christians have the perspective that Jesus met people where they were at and if they are going to reach this generation with the gospel of Jesus then they are going to use MySpace as a means to do that.  Here are some churches that have created profiles on MySpace.

Here’s an example of a church youth group and a college ministry that have MySpace profiles.

Alternatively, some churches and ministries have created their own MySpace group rather than the typical profile.  In some ways this seems like a better fit because groups include group information and discussion forums.  The one negative of doing a group instead of a profile is that when people become members of your group, the ministry doesn’t show up in the person’s list of friends so group members can promote the group to the same extent they could promote a ministry that was one of their top “friends.”

The most common way MySpace is used for ministry, however, is by individual pastors, youth ministers, and other Christians simply creating their own personal MySpace profiles and building relationships with the people they meet.  If you go this route, you might consider joining some MySpace groups that have to do with interests or hobbies you have that aren’t related to Christianity so you can mingle with non-Christians.

If this has got you thinking about using MySpace for your ministry here are some tips.

Consider your demographics.  MySpace is still primarily used by teens and young adults.  Creating a MySpace profile for your ministry makes more sense the more young people you have engaged in your ministry.  It may make a lot of sense for a youth ministry or college ministry.  For a ministry to seniors… eh, not so much.

Do MySpace in addition to rather than instead of a website.  Despite its meteoric rise in popularity, most people still do not use MySpace regularly and never will.  MySpace can be used to build community and attract new people to your ministry, but MySpace cannot be considered a reliable way to communicate with people within or outside of your ministry.  Therefore, just like when you first developed a website for your ministry you didn’t stop producing printed materials, don’t think MySpace will take the place of your website or eNewsletter.

Duplicate content.  Because some Christians do not want to be on MySpace and don’t want their kids to be MySpace be careful about putting content (pictures, announcements, articles, etc) exclusively on MySpace.  Doing this will either exclude people who are not on MySpace or cause people to feel like they have to be on MySpace even though they don’t want to or (for kids) aren’t allowed to.  You’re better off duplicating content into MySpace that you already have on your website.

Be smart.  If you create a MySpace profile for your ministry, it’s probably because you want to reach out to people who are already on MySpace.  In that case, you are probably going to want to make your profile public.  If you do that, keep in mind that anyone on MySpace can see your pictures and read your blog and comments.  If you lead a student ministry, for example, don’t be putting up photos of your kids with their full names in the captions.

Be real.  Nobody on MySpace wants to be preached at.  Nobody wants to hang out with someone who pretends their a perfect Christians that knows everything.  That doesn’t mean you air your dirty laundry for all to see in MySpace, but humility, understanding, and authenticity go a long way towards conveying the love of Christ.

Does your church or ministry have a MySpace profile or group?  Post a link in the comments.  Got any other tips for using MySpace for ministry?

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.


  • I have written a poetry devotion, the book has 366 poems. I would like to have a daily feed. I don’t haave a web site, or have the skills to produce the feed, however, Myspace would certainly represent an excellant opportunity for ministry. Can we discuss this possibility?

  • While I do not belong to a specific ministry, my husband and I feel called to equip others to evangelize biblically. One way that we do this is through our MySpace (look under Miah and Kat). You can display what groups that you belong to, as well as add various html codes and graphics to your page. Our friends consist of christians and non christians, and everytime they see our page, it is a testament to Christ. We also have joined various groups, to help with exposure. Just be aware of what you put on MySpace, and remember, that ANY bulletins your friends send out, you get, and you cannot erase them.

  • I have a ministry in MySpace. It is called “MIRIAM’S CHRISTIAN FAMILY.”

    Here is the link:

    I also have a Christian website. We publish Christian Poetry for the glory of God.

    Here is the link:

    Miriam’s Christian Family is a website specially committed to serving Jesus Christ. It is a home where you can come and worship God in a family
    atmosphere. Come and join us to share in Christ’s love. A Christian Family is heaven on earth. God bless.

  • I also have a Prayer Ministry on MySpace.
    It is called “PRAYING HANDS MINISTRY.”

    Here is the link:

    I have a Christian website. We publish Christian Poetry for the glory of God. All people who love Jesus Christ are welcome to join us. Jesus loves you!

    Miriam’s Christian Family is a website specially committed to serving Jesus
    Christ. It is a home where you can come and worship God in a family
    atmosphere. Come and join us to share in Christ’s love. A Christian Family is heaven on earth. God bless.

  • We love our Christian Ministry on MySpace. It is a great blessing to the world. People from all parts of the globe come together on MySpace, and have Christian fellowship and prayer. We are united in Christ.

    MIRIAM’S CHRISTIAN FAMILY is a ministry dedicated to Jesus Christ, comprising of authors, poets and people from all spheres of life, who love Jesus Christ, and are committed to serving Him. We publish Christian articles and poems by committed Christian authors. We want to promote the cause of Christian publishing to a sphere where people are blessed by the Holy Spirit.

    Here is our web link:

  • hmmmmm how can you say myspace is a ministry tool well first 90% of kids are not old enough to have a account so they lie about their age,then theres the whole question of your zodiac sign and then my fav. whats your sexual preference question they ask hmmmmmmm i dont think our Jesus would use it to minister knowing all of that but maybe jaded christians would ……..i wonder ya know ive never heard of someone saved from a direct myspace page have you and what about myspace doing ad overlays on christian myspaces that you cant control that they send porno to all sites now wow wouldnt want your kids or youth group teens seeing that would you……..let me know i dont really expect a reply to political do u dare thanks

  • well i think you should think about it this way… if those things that you pointed out were found on myspace well then what kind of teens will you find on myspace a lot of them are non-believers sooooo why would you just focus on why people SHOULDNT be on myspace and instead think of how many people on there dont know jesus. you wouldnt really expect to find too many Christians on there. but some of those teens really need some one to talk to and will bare their emotions to you… now why would you say it is corrupt when Christians dont step in and try to see if there are any teens out there that are just in need of some guidance. they may not become saved from your myspace page alone NO buuuut a lot of them will then begin to look to local churches and what not. SO how do you expect to help guide people to Christ if you only converse with Christians….and as for the whole porn thing… that has never opened on me before…only if you yourself click on the ads

  • I have just established the MYSPACE CHAPLAINCY.
    There is a MYSPACE CHAPLAINCY site ( with that name ), and 2 CHAPLAINCY GROUPS; one Public, one Private. Groups are:
    MySpace Chaplaincy ( Public ), and MySpace Chaplaincy Upper Room ( Private ).( All are up, but not all graphically-tweaked, and content posted as of yet ).

    I am extending an Invitation to Ordained Ministers who are interested in Chaplaincy Ministry on MySpace, to visit the Chaplaincy site or Group, to sign up.
    ( Although I have stated ‘Ordained Ministers; I would also consider those not Ordained, who have relevant experience, training, or a direct Calling from the Lord. ) Chaplains would set up their own personal Chaplaincy site; set up and directed as they see fit.

    My personal Chaplaincy site is directed at the Goth/Vampire/Wiccan culture on MySpace; it is called VAMPGOTHWIC ABBEY.
    I have used a rather unusual approach: Art, Poetry, Image and Symbolism, and an overall ‘Medieval/Gothic/Fantasy’ kind of Layout and Design.
    Through progressive Image and Symbolism, I present specific Scriptures, which lead up to an Introduction to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice. No Judgment, No Preachiness.
    ( This is up and running, but I don’t have my planned Blogs posted yet; and, being an artist, I will continue to tweak ( or ‘pimp my space’ as they say on MySpace. )

    Consider MySpace Chaplain Ministry; take it before the Lord.
    Drop by and take a look at my sites.

    In His Service,

    Head Chaplain


  • I would like to Take over for the cause of Jesus Christ by making myspace evangelism disciples who will simulate my method of Myspace evangelism. After being on myspace for about three years now Ive noticed that alot of the christian myspace pages seem to be geared towards other Christians and not the lost. At first my sole purpose for being on myspace was to spread the Gospel and this I have successfully done thru out the world via but now I would also like to focus some of my time on trying to bring Christians together “Lord willing” to share their faith by creating myspace profiles that are 100 percent for telling the lost about their Jesus sort of like online bible tracks if you are interested in this then please feel free to join my group myspace evangelism
    Any input would also be greatly appreciated.


  • Well for starters the zodiac sign is a big thing and I’ll tell you why because I used to be in the occult ,palm reading witchcraft and practiced studing people based on thier horoscope and when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord I immediatley knew i was to burn All of my books up on the occult and that included my books on astrology………………so i was praying the otther day and the Lord touched this very thing and I am in the process of deleting my accont i have so far as yet to recieve my verification number via email to cancel my account s oI maty Have to get a hold of Tom……………now astrology,that is fortunes based on the studying of stars is clearly condemmed By God and when go playing footsie with Satanic powers and accept your zodiac sign on your site as part of the bargain to get a free Myspace website …… ok you may very well lead people to Jesus but at same time you teach them new converts by your acceptance of this that the astorology must not bid of a deal…………. how about street ministry or how about coworkers or how about the market place the highways and the byways to wittness to people ………………you know there is nothing like onee on one face to face chats with the lost ot persuade them to repent …..well any ways ………..this site is ran clearly by unsavesd people ok so you are on thier turf nad really paryfully concider what you are doing and ask yourself what Jesus would do

  • I have just recently launched a Myspace ministry called Ignite Myspace Ministries with great content including devotions, music, movie reviews etc. Didn’t Jesus hang out with thieves, prostitutes and such…he said the sick need a doctor or did I misread that in my Bible? As far as the zodiac signs go sure I don’t agree with that, but if one knows how to cut and paste…Myspace offers html codes where you can eliminate those from your site.

  • MIRIAM’S CHRISTIAN MINISTRY has a wonderful Christian community of friends in MYSPACE, comprising of a PRAYER TEAM and a MAILING MINISTRY.




    This is a ministry dedicated to God, comprising of an association of the best authors, poets, graphics designers and artists on the World Wide Web, as well as people from all spheres of life. We publish Christian articles, poems, graphics and paintings to glorify God. As a diamond reflects the dazzling rays of the sun, our lives reflect the radiant glory of the true Light of the world, Jesus Christ. It takes divine cutting and pruning to shape our lives into brightly-glowing lamps fit for the King of Glory to shine His Light into. We are filled with God’s Spirit when we yield ourselves wholeheartedly to God. Miriam’s Christian Ministry invites you to share in Christ’s love, through the wonderful and inspiring media of Christian Internet Publishing. God bless.

  • It’s been amazing to hear the different ways people are ministering to others on myspace. God is really providing!

    I’m a Youth Minister’s wife. I started a myspace page a few years ago because a lot of our Youth were on it. It is a great way to stay in contact with them outside church where they need us the most. Around that same time we were working with them on sharing their faith with friends. By putting the teaching information on myspace I was not only helping to equip our youth but it was also taking the gospel to the lost on myspace. I was able to add friends like Dare2Share Youth Ministries and local Christian radio stations and Contemporary Christian bands. My site has become a giant link to other ministries specializing in anything you can imagine.

    The one thing I would like for myspace that I have not been able to find is a devotion that updates daily like the Daily Bible verses. If anyone knows of any please message me at Also, I would love to network with any other Internet/Myspace missionaries.

    God be glorified in your work,

  • I know a lot of people who use myspace for youth groups or to talk to people about christianity. I think myspace has it’s good and it’s not all bad.

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  • Paul – It is surprising how fast matters can change online. The subject of this article – Using MySpace for church, youth ministry, college ministry and evangelism was innovative when penned. After that Myspace was acquired by NewsCorp. If you have read the latest alligations about them you may not be confident that they would look after the environment. Facebook took over leadership but have been constantly challenged that they do not adequately protect privacy. Now Myspace is becoming irrelevant as they are loosing members fast.

  • Fantastic goods from you, man. MySpace for Ministry | Christian Web Trends Blog I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely fantastic. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is really a wonderful MySpace for Ministry | Christian Web Trends Blog informations.

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