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Statement of Faith

What We Believe

1) The plenary and verbal inspiration of the Bible and its inerrancy as God's Holy Word.
2) The Holy Trinity of Father, Son, And Holy Spirit; three Persons in one essence in the Unity of the Godhead.
3) The Creation of man by the direct act of God and man's subsequent fall as revealed in the Genesis account.
4) The Deity, Incarnation, Virgin Birth, and Sinless humanity of Jesus Christ our Lord; His substitutionary death on the cross as our Atonement for man's sin; His Bodily Resurrection from the tomb; His Ascention into Heaven to sit at the Father's right hand; The Imminent Rapture of the Church; and the Personal, Visible, and Premillenial Return of Christ in Power and Great Glory.
5) The Power of Christ to Save men Eternally from the Penalty of Sin through Faith in His Shed Blood, and the Gift of Eternal Life by the Grace of God.
6) The New Birth of All who Believe on Him through the Regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.
7) The Sanctification of the Believer by the Holy Spirit through the Word.
8) The final Judgement of the Wicked and Satan's doom with the wicked in the Lake of Fire.
9) The Eternal Happiness of the Righteous in the presence of the Lord, and the Ushering in of Eternal Righteousness in the New Heaven and the New Earth.
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