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This Web Site is dedicated to the Christians who helped me gain a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


This  website is here, primarily, to help spread the Good News concerning Jesus Christ, His Birth, His Life, His Death, and His Ressurection, as He took our sins upon Himself and through His sacrifice, made it possible for us, who accept Him as our Savior and Lord, to have ever-lasting life instead of going directly to Hell when this life on Earth  is over.
Lately, there has been a concerted attack waged upon my wife, who is also active in the ministry, and me.  This is nothing more than a sign that we are doing the job that has been set before us.  The more attacks from the un-godly, the more damage you are doing to the darkness of evil in this world. 
If you are also being attacked by the enemies of Jesus Christ, know that you are being the person you are supposed to be.  Jesus told us that we would be under attack because of our love for Him and His message.   



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