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Isaric Ambassador (ḀizgÓda Ḁisaraya)

איזגדא (ḀizgÓda) roughly translates into English as ambassador, but also means messenger, runner, envoy, and intercessor. Yaqob bar-Karoza is the founder of the Isaric Christian Brotherhood, and currently serves as the Isaric ambassador. He also serves as the rÓbbana (chief instructor) for Congregation Bani Yasharon in Surabaya, Indonesia, which is now the ambassadorial seat. Yaqob grew up as part of a mixed Hebraic Christian family in the French cultural region of Louisiana in the USA. He holds three master's degrees: an M.Ed. from Liberty University, as well as an M.A. in Religion and a Master of Religious Education (M.R.E.) from Liberty Theological Seminary. In addition to his work with the Isaric Christian Brotherhood, Yaqob teaches English and counsels at an intercultural Christian school in Surabaya. He is married to his wife Lydia, a native of Surabaya, and has two daughters.

     Role of the Ambassador

As the title itself implies, the ambassador of the Isaric Christian Brotherhood serves primarily a ceremonial and representational role in which he stands as an embodiment of the rich heritage and faith of the Isaric people. He does not directly handle matters of administration and management (although he does appoint those who do), but rather he officiates as the leading emissary and standard-bearer of the Isars, who guides, comforts, and reminds his people of their bond and commission. He alone has the right to bestow certain honors and make appointments of the highest order. His ministry is at its core a ministry of reconciliation, for he himself has been reconciled to God by Christ, and by the same unto Yisrael; thus now he has become a spokesman for such reconciliation, calling others to hear and be reconciled also.

Isaric Ambassadorial Flag

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