Healing In His Wings Ministry

Teachings on Healing

Jesus defeated the enemy by speaking God's word against him.
Here are some scriptures and prayers that will defeat the enemy. Pray these scriptures and prayers and put your name in there.

* I am healed by the stripes of Jesus . Isa.53:5

* Jesus carried my sickness and infirmities. Matt. 8:17

* I cast out all spirits of infirmity that would attack my body in the name of Jesus.

* I break, rebuke and cast out all spirits causing diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart attack, stroke,kidney failure, leukemia,blood disease, breathing problems,arthritis, lupus,Alzhemimer's,or insomia in the name of Jesus.

* I break, rebuke , and cast out any spirits of cancer that would attempt to establish itself in my lungs, bones,breast, throat,back,spine,liver, kidneys,pancreas,skin,or stomach in the name of Jesus.

* Heal,and deliver me from all my pains in the name of Jesus .

* I break all curses of sickness and disease, and I command all hereditary spirits od sickness to come down through my blood line I sever it in Jesus name.

* I prosper and walk in health even as my soul prospers. 
3 John 2

* I receive the Word of God, which is health to my flesh.

* Lord, bless my bread and water, and take sickness away from me. Ex. 23: 25

* I command every organ in my body to function the way God intended. Ps. 139:14

* Lord keep all my bones. Ps. 34:20

* Let any infection in my body be burned by the fire of God.

* I release myself from all allergies and sinus problems in the name of Jesus.

* I rebuke all fevers in Jesus name. Luke 4:39

* Lord, renew my youth like the eagle's. Ps 103:5

* I will live and not die,and I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Ps. 118:17

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