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Latest words of prophecy to nations for coming decades and now

Latest prophetic words and visions for the Nations from
Christian prophets and prophetic intercessors.
Global national prophecies covering many nations and continents.

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John Paul Jackson - the next ten years video clip.

Mark Biltz - the ancient biblical feasts are actually prophetic in nature,
not only predicting the first coming of Messiah and His death,
but also giving us insight into the near future and the Messiah’s second coming.
The feasts point to why the year 2014 is prophetically significant.


Prophetic Call to Africa Kenya to Jennifer Toledo
- to break the curses on the land - video clip - click to play.

Views on when Jesus could return More


Twitter :  ProphetAnoint for words to the church and nations.!/prophetanoint


Ten Visions – The Church and nation moving into the glory place that awaits us.

Past triumphs
I saw a trophy animal head mounted on a wall, this one was displaying a ram’s head.
This represented the churches finer days, past triumphs of the church when the Kingdom was moving forward. We have been looking back to those, who have inspired massive change in a nation and forerunner pioneers of faith; leaders like Smith Wigglesworth, Wesley and many others who have taken ground for the faith.
For many Christian leaders and long-standing faithful believers, faced with the declining church membership, a downward shift in social morality, abandonment of Christian heritage, and a lack of evangelistic impact that has power to retain converts  – a dark cloud of present reality pervades, that speaks of a hopelessness and an underlying “get ready to die” mentality.

A trumpet ready to play
I saw a trumpet ready to sound. The Lord releases the sound of heaven that begins to change the atmosphere in favour of the people of God. A command went out, that we are now beginning a new thrust forward. This is a Joshua moment, when the command to move forward is given. Our need is to embrace a new understanding that the wilderness days of disappointment are over. It is time that the armies of God arise, at His command.

The little lakes
I saw several small lakes in a landscape country scene. It seemed that these lakes had once been like great expanses that would have filled the whole countryside in view.  Little lakes represent the small remnant from the harvest of various former revivals of past history – they are the faithful ones, who continue on generations later. While the many defect gradually to the world, like an army dispersing and slipping away from battle, there are faithful ones who have stayed loyal to the King of kings. Those who remain are like Gideon’s army, a small group taking on near impossible odds in a hostile culture.

Lifting the veil
I see a large curtain about to be raised, I get to look behind this curtain and see an assembled army of angelic warriors, prepared, eager and ready for action. They are ready for the trumpet to sound.
This is just a glimpse of the unseen heavenly army ready for action. We won’t see them, but the effects of the release of the angelic armies will be to overwhelm an enemy who thought that he’d written off the Christian church, as if published in the obituary announcements of death.

Steam builds up in a boiler and the train is moving
I see steam building up in a boiler and then I see an old steam train beginning to move forward. The words “Glory Train” are running through my thoughts. This feels like going back to time to the 19th Century when Spirit of God was taking charge over the nation. It feels like this great train is no longer stuck in the sidings…like an outdated model. I feel the train is carrying a massive weight of glory. I hear the sound of the steam, the train’s whistle and loud singing from impassioned hearts giving glory to the Lord and bringing the sense of the presence of God into the atmosphere.
Hallelujah !!!!    Hallelujah !!!!   Hallelujah !!!!
Glory  Glory Glory!!!
Praises to the King of Kings!!!

There is an excitement and thrill in the everlasting – heaven meets earth.
There is a massive stirring in my spirit – I want to shout.
O’ so long, have we held back and kept silent, when the deep longing of our souls has been to shout, to jump, to dance and to sing.

In His presence is FULLness of Joy. Go on and shout and sing in the Spirit, speak praises into the atmosphere and tell it to change – that the glory of the King will prevail.
We speak boldness upon the body of Christ!  BOLDNESS in CHRIST is ours to walk in. In the joy of the Lord is our strength. God says as we submit to Him we will be able to resist the devil and he will flee. Let all darkness run from the praises of heaven, as when heaven prevails, there is no darkness that can overcome it.

Hands extended
From the glory train, the picture pans over towards the ground where I see hands extended from the earth. This represents the poor and needy calling for help. They are the victims of the present world system, a ready harvest to be gathered in, as they see our joy, as a fresh harvest of souls for the Kingdom. “They are mine”, says the Lord of the harvest. Jesus is smiling and the angels are rejoicing, jumping and waving their hands, as many souls begin to walk in the light of life, new sons and daughters in the house of the Lord.

The key to overcome
This key is for a release of those who have thought they do not need God. There are many who think they are self-sufficient even above the need of God. Those who choose to ignore God deliberately, deceiving themselves and others. There are those who confidently stand against the Christian faith. These will suddenly be rendered powerless; once people of influence, they will fall from their high perches. There is coming, a turning around of the culture that once supported secularists and atheists – those who have sought to marginalise God, will find themselves, as irrelevant out of step voices.

The books of heroes – yet to be revealed
I see books on a shelf. On the spine of one book I see the word “Deeds”. This is a library of books telling of the future kingdom heroes. In the Bible we catch glimpses of some of the events in the lives of David’s mighty men, just a few highlights of impossible odds that warriors overcame.
There are books written in heaven about the future heroes of faith – the enemy does not know these stories yet, these stories will unfold as the sons and daughters of the Kingdom are revealed. There are powerful mantles for these humble servants of the kingdom.

These are the days of Elijah, this time it won’t be a single mantle with a double portion that comes. At that time miracles only repeated the past again. God wants us to see that in Acts 2 the tongues of fire touched the people, each uniquely. They were waiting in obedience in the right place in readiness for receiving from heaven. God did not touch each one with a single tongue, in turn, neither did they speak all in the same language, but different ones. Each had their individual ministries and abilities, rich in their uniqueness and diverse in many aspects, just as DNA creates the code of an individual, not a copy of the former generation, so it is in the Kingdom.
God is ready to give gifts and send His power. Do not limit faith by asking to see what has been seen before, neither expect the same level of success. Dream great dreams people of Christ, let the Holy Spirit excite and stretch faith, step out in obedience looking only to Him for an enabling that will truly bring the enemy under our feet, as Christ reigns in us and through us. We must find the place where we receive from Him, all that He has for us.

A tap being turned on – No more fruitless evangelism
I see water flowing from a large tap. This is the Spirit being poured out touching all to the right and to the left. This is more than a shift in the natural order of culture. There is a growing sense of “heaven on earth”, an atmosphere for revival, a deep awareness of God’s presence that even the wicked cannot ignore. “I will pour out My Spirit on all”. Those who stand against me, who see and feel My Spirit at work – they will have no excuse for not believing. The good news goes out to all nations and as light and joy increases, hearts will melt in My presence, true repentance will come easily, as the love and heart of Jesus is revealed. He calls, “come into the river of life, enter into My kingdom where the joy everlasting reigns”. Outside there is darkest blackness. For those who turn from this heavenly call, there is no more hope of life. 

The final picture – A horseman riding towards us
I see a horseman riding furiously towards us. He is bringing a proclamation as in Matthew 25. “Get ready the bridegroom is coming.”
Be filled with the oil of heaven, be ready for His return.
27/29th March 2012   Geoff Pick

Faith foundations link to key places

Chesapeake Bay USA where 2 million fish died is where the first native indian christian convert was born – Pocahontas and Thanet Kent UK where the 40,000UK crabs died is where St Augustine landed bringing christian faith to England. The place in Italy where the birds (doves fell) means "I shine amoungst the gods"


Chesapeake bay where 2 million fish died is where the first native indian christian convert was born Pocahontas and Thanet where the UK crabs died is where st Augustine landed bringing christian faith to England.

The death of 40,000 crabs washed up off Thanet on the Kent coast adds another mystery to the list ... Kent is the seat of Christianity in the nation, Canterbury (Kent) the centre of the nation’s church and was first area to become Christian... These crabs are called Velvet crabs or Devil crabs revealling the two sides of darkness.

Historically Thanet area is significant,St Augustine and his party of missionaries from Rome landed in Kent in the 5th century in Pegwell Bay, Thanet in 597 bringing Christianity.

 Pocahontas was born around 1595 on the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. She was the daughter of the chief of a tribe of Algonquian Indians.  Princess Pocahontas was a native American who in the year 1607 intervened to save the life of pioneer Captain John Smith. Later she left her home in Virginia to travel to England, where she married an Englishman and became a regular in the court of King James. She was the first in her nation to convert to Christianity. 
At Chesapeake Bay the dead fish are mainly juvenile spot fish, just 3 to 6 inches in length. Officials say about 2 million dead fish have been found. (sign of a revival in the youth generation)

The Domino Effect

Many influences are to fall one after the other!

Global Bridges of Prayer - Heather Butler
[First released Nov 2009 - published here April 2010.
This word is a decree not to the body of Christ but against
the corrupt sinister power players of the world.]

2 Chronicles 14
Dear friends this is a harsh word, one that I struggle to send, but one I dare not send.
Those reading this word who are involved in such things will know who you are.
Its time to act, to change your stance before the Lord reveals the truth of your misdealings and your heart.
Deal quickly with what you have to do, this door of grace to you is one that is not open for long.

The people this is refering to are those in governments and corporations throughout the nations,
like with any prophetic word we only see in part, to put these things in writing is difficult.
This is a global problem, not just about our nation there are many throughout the nations who collude with one another

The Domino Effect

Do you think that I cannot see, do you imagine that you are greater than the I Am, who dares to stand
against the one who created everything and called it into being, bring him before me and let the laugh
of my mouth release a wind so violent against you that you fall, and in your falling you shall cause to
stumble all those who dare to raise their voices against me.

I am tired of those who bring fear into the lives of many throughout the nations because of their underhand
dealings which have been brokered amongst the shadows, let me raise a light upon all that you have done,
that in the revelation of who you truly are you shall faint with fear, as I point my finger at you, you shall also
cause others to fall upon their own swords of authority that will be as nothing to me.

You who bind my people, who deal neglectfully with what is entrusted into your hands,
you who devise plans that come against the apple of my eye, woe to you, for you shall be made destitute
before the peoples of the earth, you shall bare the mark of one who has been cast down, and broken to pieces
because you dared to think that you are greater than me, you shall fall upon the corruption of your own words of vanity,
and in the falling you shall bring down many who entered into the entrapment of your double dealings that held the
purse strings of the nations, and caused much pain and suffering in your arrogance.

Do you think that what is before you is to hard for me to change that there is no point of return, then think again,
I cause an awakening to come into the midst of you who commit evil acts against the nations,
you who revile the truth, who scoff at me, who plunder the pockets of those who are entrusted to my care, who’s bread
you steal, and who’s finances you squander with your way ward lifestyle, woe to you you hypocrites, you are undone
before those you have mistreated, and in there judgement of you, you shall fall as shattered glass before the nations,
splintered into many shards that will pierce the hearts of those who entered into agreement with you,
causing them to fall as you have fallen.

I am not a Father to be reckoned with as if I could be consumed by your words of war, of mistruth, of defiance,
I am not a father to be mocked and ridiculed, I am not a God who will run from your words of mistruth and lies,
no, I am a father who takes hold of a rod, who now brings it into the midst of you leaders, entrusted with much
and who led astray many with your own wisdoms and doctrines. I bring you before me now, and enquire of you,
what have you to say for your selves?

Do you think that Him that is cast down is able to save you, think again, you have not read the book of truth,
the book of life, which will become as death to you who tear to pieces those words that you would hide away,
and lead others from the truth of.

You have had your moment now this is my moment to bring against you my hand, as I swipe you with a hand
that is full of wrath. I am pouring out upon you a wine that is bitter to the taste, that does not lie easily in the stomach,
that will cause you to vomit and spew from hearts that have grown cold and hard. I have been patient with you,
I have sent messenger after messenger to encourage you to change your stance, but you reviled the one sent to
bring wisdom into your meetings, and poured scorn upon my name as you continued to feed your own ego and reputation.

You are as a domino that will fall bringing many throughout the nations to fall along with you, a chain reaction that
will cause an awakening amongst the communities of power, a fuse that has been lit that will not stop until it has
reached its destination, to blow apart and open wide all that you have hidden so that many will see and know what you did.
I came to you, and asked you through men of integrity to give up your life style, and you would not, you found my
word in the hotels you stayed in, you flicked through the pages, and then threw the book aside as if it had no
relevance anymore.  I am come that even now you will see the error of your ways, that even now when you have
done so much to bring sorrow and suffering you can change, even now, you can allow me to turn your life around,
and use you to undo what you have done.  This corridor of time is for a brief moment, as you read this this is your moment
to come, when the computer is shut down its to late, there is no time for contemplation, no time to weigh up the options,
this is your deadline, a deadline to meet today right now, not by asking or enquiring of anyone else but me.
Woe to you who read and understand, and do nothing, but continue to mock me, the one you follow cannot save you,
does not want to save you, there was one sacrifice made once and for all for you, Jesus is your only hope now, I stand at
your door of defiance and rebellion and knock. I am releasing for a moment great grace for all who will repent and turn
to me, but for those who will not acknowledge what I have to say you shall fall as a domino and there will be know one
left to enable you to stand again. I stand you before me, not any one person, but before me, and I expect a response right now.


Europe will rise out of the ash heap with new hope and new vision

Word received April 16, 2010
Dr. Mary Craig
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

My people rise up to fight the judgment they voted in. They operate in the natural realm to fight a spiritual battle.
They approach a National Day of Prayer, yet where are their hearts today—before Me?

No one likes correction, but I seek humility in My people. I look for those who love My appearing, for those who
seek My face. (Hebrews 12, 2 Timothy 4.8, James 4, 2 Chronicles 7.14)

Many pray amiss, boasting of harvests. How shall I visit your nation? And in the Day of Visitation, who will stand?
For judgment begins with the household of God; and My people perish for lack of knowledge. (1 Peter 2.11, 12; 4.17, Hosea 4.6)

Ash spreads across the globe. It is coming out of fire and ice. The fire of My zeal burns within Me. My heart churns within Me. Ash—

My people rail against the instrument of judgment when they should be covering themselves with sack cloths and ashes.
Since they will not repent and cry over their sin, I will cover them with ash, the ashes coming out of My fiery zeal.

Do they turn from their wicked ways? Do they cry out for Me to turn their hearts to righteousness, to life, to Jesus?
(2 Chronicles 7.14, Jeremiah 31.18, Lamentations 5.21)

One. Consider the power of One. One God. One true God. One truth. One Word. One life. One Creator. One Redeemer.
His Name is Ointment Poured Forth. His Name is One.

And then consider when One shows up, shines forth in the brightness of His glory.

How is it that My people are surprised should that wicked appear and have his day? For so it is.
My people must learn how to overcome, to live in the day of trials, in the day of troubles, in the day of suffering.
(2 Thessalonians 2; Revelation 2, 3; James 1, 1 Peter)

Rest in Me. Come to Me and find rest for your souls. Take My yoke upon you. (Matthew 11.28-30).
But drunk with the wine of her (Queen of Heaven) fornication they are, seeking another wisdom and straying from Christ,
the Wisdom of God. They seek what is earthy, sensual, and demonic. (James 3, Revelation 17.2, 1 Corinthians 1.24)

I have warned. Have I not told you? Take heed to My Word and hold to the truth and grow in grace and in the knowledge
of Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3.17, 18)

Rest in Me. Abide in Me. Draw your life from Me. (John 15, John 5.39, 40)

Europe. Let them repent in dust and ashes. The earth belches at My command, spewing out ash to cover them in ash.
Would that they rise from the ash heap. I can shut them down. Do they not fear Me?

Out of Egypt have I called My Son, out of a dry and dusty place. And I call Europe to come out of Egypt, out of Babylon,
and repent and turn from their unbelief and doubt and enter that place of rest that awaits the sons of God.
(Hosea 11; Hebrews 4)

For you will see Europe rise out of the ash heap with new hope and new vision, with insight and
revelation by the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.

Europe, I call you to arise and shine for the light breaks into your darkness to shine forth. You will lead the world out
of its bondage, out of what endangers life now. You will see it and cry out against the spirit of Apollyon.
You will come to your senses. Awaken. And Christ will shine on you. And you will bring light to the world.

Amen, says the Spirit. Amen, says the Faithful and True Witness.

Ready yourselves - Prophetic word for 2010
Rev Heather Butler - Global Bridges of Prayer

I am the giver of life, I am the one who brings a depth into your being like you have never known.
This season is one born out of the intimacy of the last year. I drew you into the secret place of intimacy,
and as you came I shared my heart with you, that you would be changed into the likeness of who I am.
I am not one who does not understand suffering, I am not one who does not understand trials and difficulties,
but I am one who stands with you in the midst of the trial, and enable you to learn how to overcome every
obstacle in your way. I am one who loves with all that I am, I am the one who pours into you the very
essence of my Spirit to empower you for this new day. I am one who gave my life that you would live,
and live life to the full, enabling you to enter into a place of complete denial for the sake of those
 I am sending you too.

You have been purified by the fire, and found to be standing in the midst of the flames, welcoming the change
 that came because of them, even though this last year was costly and you thought you were going to die
under the strain of it all, even though you felt you had lost so much, almost every thing and your tears
stained my chest I understood your heart, I was in the midst of your suffering, leading you into all truth.
I am speaking to you concerning my second coming, and the way I feel about you and those being lost.
You did not lose, you gained my favour as I watched you root and ground yourself in my word, and then
I watched as you dared to perform it, as I watched you determined to continue along the pathway set
before you. I understood what it had taken for you to be in that place of sacrifice, and because of that I come,
and I hold my hand out to you and say come, come up, come and see the nations as I see them, come up,
I invite you at this moment to come and see from another perspective, not from a place where your feet are
on the earth, but come into the heavenly places and let me show you the nations as I see them, I am
positioning you so that you will see as I see, and hear what I hear. I see oceans of people, crying out,
lost, alone, calling out, asking for help but not knowing where to turn, in desperation they turn their faces
heavenwards and cry out God help me, I respond to that cry of the heart, I respond by sending you, yes you,
I send you because you understand the depth of that cry, you know how to minister to those I am sending
you too, you know how to respond and how to react to each person and each situation. You have words
of truth sown into your heart, and know how to release them to bring healing, deliverence salvation throughout the nations. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Judgment Poured Out On The Earth

Geoff (Webmaster of House of the Nations)

The time of the Kingdoms of men is over.
The bowls of my judgment are tipping over.
How long will you wait, before you arise.
Oh nations that once honoured me –
Have you banished Me from your Kingdoms?
That my people live as wanders in the earth.

This is the hour when I shall arise and cut down the trees,
that have man's mark upon it.
This is the day of deliverance for those who choose me.

I speak life upon my body for those washed by the blood,
the churning of the sea will not push you around for the rock
is standing firm and you can face the winds and waves
and stand in Heaven’s armour.

So drink in My Word,
Draw close to me,
Let my Holy Spirit
Stir the wisdom of Heaven
Speak forth the language of Heaven
Dwell in the Heavenly place.
The treasure within your heart,
cannot be destroyed, it is eternal.
I call you to boldness !!
To proclaim My Word to the people
To stand for me as Your Lord.
To stand as a prayer wall for your Nation.
To proclaim the new dynamic that that is coming to pass.
To be vanguard pioneers to retake the land. To break through lies over your Nation

To call into being the new thing. Awaken from slumber the nations that own My Name.
Awaken to the new, as the Kingdoms of the world are shattered.
My Kingdom is being birthed in power and the deliverer will come.
The armies of Heaven are now in place to dislodge the enemy.
And according to my servants the proclamation through the Holy Spirit will bring down the walls
of satan and the lies of mankind. The hand of God is going to prevail against the enemy.


LATEST Prophecies for Nations

Updated Prophetic Words to the Philippines

November 11, 2009, the members of the Netherlands Prophetic Council came together to present
the words which God had spoken to them—for the Netherlands for 2010.

"2010 will be the year in which we see the Body of Christ mobilized in Europe.
Europe is currently the only continent on the earth without a major move of God. This is about to change."


Uganda is to be a light that is NOT to be hidden, a place of praise and habitation of Gods glory!

Florida USA, England, Australia and New Zealand already seen in the Lakeland Revival and Todd Bentley ...
the Kingdom of God has now come... that there is going to be a massive work where it's so fruitful that
there will be seasons of time in Florida From Canada...

I saw it hit England, Australia, New Zealand but I saw it going back & forth, back & forth, back & forth.
But I really believe that it not just going to touch thousands but tens of thousands even hundreds
of thousands. It's going to be something that's going to be heard around the world.


The earthquakes and dams and revival in China
Word brought in 2006 that looks like it is for actual 2008 events.

New Zealand
New Zealanders will be sent out by God into the great oceans of humanity in the midst of great
spiritual battle, and will be used to bring God's love and peace.


Arctic peoples
Ancient fishing grounds will be full once again, teeming with life. As a sign to you of my visitation.


Two prophecies both released February 2007 from Catherine Brown + Mary Lindow MORE

Cindy Jacobs prophesies over the Philippines - Video.

Chuck Pierce Prophesies a New Anointing over Finland - Video Clips MORE

A great prophet is being prepared for you once again, a voice in the land that will lead
and guide you , just as Abba sent prophets in the days of old to draw you back into His presence,
to reveal to you the ancient ways lost to you.


USA and Britain
And out of the mouth of My prophets - the keys to revival – the new keys to unlock that which
hither to has been seemingly impossible. MORE

"God is going to use other nations to help restore Wales" MORE

Two words released 2nd October - speak of revival breaking - "You will begin to hear the
ripples of sound coming from out of Scotland within the next 18 months,
as people go onto the streets to be the hands of Jesus"


Prophecy - The church under persecution to grow and Bibles are needed.

Call to pray to see Kingdom freedom released.

Prophecy for Europe
Get ready for the air quake of the lord, the heavenly shift that brings into alignment before
Him those nations that are to be transformed and set free. MORE

A word for ISRAEL
Catherine Brown August 4, 2006
There is an open window for the praying church to rise up in Spirit and in truth and pray for
the Spirit to be poured out in an unprecedented way. Surely this is the time for the priests
to weep between the porch and the altar?


Israel’s Deliverer
12 July 2006
Dave Hood
"I will set you free from the fear of the control of man, I will do it, I and no other.
I will complete this; know your freedom is of ME."


I am raising up in Uganda a people of a supernatural order - an order ordained by Me, not by man.
People who live with one foot on earth and their head in the clouds -
looking at what has gone before them to complete the race with honor and integrity.


The Middle-East
Pray for Lebanon. This is a land greatly loved by God and is referenced for its beauty
numerous places in the Bible. Pray for Christian publishing and television in the area.
Pray that the terrorists will be exposed and expelled from this land.


Two Intercessors hear warnings for Israel ...
grave danger, prayer is needed to stop this.

Word spoken Jan 2006 by Chuck Pierce
"Out of Lebanon, a new wineskin will form, and a new river will begin to rise."
"I will bring conflict into Lebanon, because it is the boundary that I will deal with this year
concerning My promised land of Israel. The warlike tribes of Lebanon will once again arise.
But in the end, I will win this war, and the riches that have been withheld from
My Kingdom plan will be released." MORE

"... I am coming to you, Ethiopia, and I am preparing My servants to step onto your soil.
I am even now increasing the anointing on their lives that they may live and not die ..."



United States - California
Angels join worshipers - photos taken

United Kingdom
... Even politicians from the UK will realize the church of God is alive in the UK and they will begin to come back to you. They will ask, “Please pray for us. We realize we cannot rule this nation without your involvement.” For I the Lord your God has purposed to restore all the years the locusts had devoured ...

22 June 2006 - God is calling for those, who, like Noah, will build by the Spirit in Poland that which will not be understood by the people in this nation captured by idolatry and religion. Like Noah, God will reveal the plans and strategy of His heart to those bold men and women who will risk everything to follow Him.

CHINA The walls will fall as revival breaks through

I will open the heavens over My people and it will be seen that I AM the Possessor of heaven and earth, their shield and exceeding great reward

Argentina, purity shall flow from your rivers if you seek Me wholeheartedly.

Prophetic insight into breaking curses on Ireland MORE

The Holy Spirit reveals supernatural plans and spiritual insight for Switzerland MORE

" ... supernatural manifestations of the power and anointing of God being manifest with signs and wonders."MORE

Prophetic word for Italy."... Yes ITALY, I am coming to turn you around by the flame of My fire to bring; - Holiness to your nation; - Truth to those who would lead you down the wrong path ..."

The United States of America
... If the new move of God is ushered forth especially in 2006, the wheels will begin turning and you will begin to see great moves of God in your nation.MORE

WORD for AUSTRALIA 16th December, 2005
...the Lord is going to fulfill the promise over the nation of Australia ‘The Great Southland Of The Holy Spirit’. 2006 will be key in this move of God.MORE

28 November 2005 - Battle for the heart of Europe
Battle for Europe

November 2005 - The fires that burn in Paris, France were prophesied by Chad Taylor and Dave Hood months and years ahead. Two new prophecies speak of what's going on.
Prophecy for France

400 years on since 1605 and huge spiritual attacks - require prayer from outside the nation.
Urgent Prayer for Britain
Latest prophetic words to UK Nation

Two Visions and a Word of prophecy
both received by the editor in the same week of October 2005.
India prophetic word and Visions

25th September 2005
Oil will be found in Israel - when the world needs it!
Israel prophetic words now
Prophecy Fulfilled Sept 2006

USA Various Voices
Prophetic Words for the USA
What God is speaking now - understanding
the times and seasons.
USA prophetic words now

New Word - Sept 19th 2005 for Finland
Soar - Finland's prophetic eagles

New Prophetic Word for Germany
Musa Opiyo 27 Aug 2005

Prophetic word for Iraq
Musa Opiyo
Iraq - More

New Word added for Sweden
Sweden resisting revival prophesied in 2004Added July 2005

Prophetic word to 2007
Healing revival and moreAdded July 2006

A Political move against evangelists can only be overcome by The Power of the Name of Jesus MORE


Ancient Prophecy 1911

...There was a prophecy given in 1911 that shortly an evil would take Russia, and wherever this evil would go, rivers of blood would flow. It was not the Russian soul; it was not an ideology or a philosophy, but a spirit from hell. In the last days, the prophecy went on to say, Germany would be divided; Italy would be judged by natural disasters; France would be nothing much; Britain would lose her empire and come almost to ruin, but would be saved by praying women; the U. S. would feed the world and be the greatest power, but would FINALLY BE REDUCED. In the end Russia would be free and believers would go forth from Russia and China taking the Good News to all the earth before the antichrist.

House of the Nations is a Christian site that publishes prophetic words on the destiny of countries - revealing God's plan for nations in 2007 and 2008 and beyond to rise to their divine calling, and giving vision for intercession to release the nations into the Kingdom of God plan.
Prophetic seeds that begin unnoticed are destined to become mighty oaks. Who will despise the day of small things.
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Jeremiah 1:5
`Before I formed you in the womb I chose you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.'...
10:This day I give you authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to demolish, to build and to plant.'


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The Key to the Nations

The Key to the Nations.
Heather Butler
Hidden Treasures Ministries Intl
January 5th 2006.
I have given you a key, a key that lay so deep in the ground that no one could bring it to
the surface alone, my Son the spotless lamb is the one to whom the keys were given,
he went into the depths and locked the doors of sin and death, and turned the key in
the lock to release eternal life . He shattered the chains of hell forever, the key to the nations
has always been the cross, and now all these years later it still unlocks doors of forgiveness
and salvation, healing deliverence to the nations. I have given you the keys to the kingdom of heaven,
I have placed them within your hands. I have given you all authority to trample on scorpions,
and to stamp on his head. You have a God given authority to bind and to loose into this nation,
and the nations. You do not understand this authority yet, but I am training you to step out,
to take charge in every situation that arises, that you will know that what you have been
given is effective and real. No man could pick up this key alone, only one, and He has deposited
it within your spirit by His Spirit, that you will be able to reach the depths and plunge hell, taking back
and redeeming by His blood those who are being lost. The clock is ticking, it is time to release the captives.
The authority is without limitation, dare to cry out, dare to ask, dare to stand in the face of adversity
and watch as I tear down powers and principalities over the UK and the nations.

UK this is your time, I have been speaking to my children worldwide, asking them to rise up, to cry out
to me on your behalf, and they are rising to the challenge, they are carrying bread, a bread that sustains,
and builds up, that feeds, that is plentiful. Take eat, this is my Body broken for you.
I pour out the new wine of my covenant with you, will you drink, and remember my blood, shed for you.
Yes I am drawing you back, back to the reality of what I have done, so that you will be able to show others
who are waiting to hear. My church has hidden the greatest glory, the glory of the cross, as grace is poured
from it over all who would come to the foot of it and see again with open eyes the true sacrifice.
Repentance is beautiful, its not something to hide, but rather something to be brought forth as a
sweet offering, it is in this place of true repentance that I move, that I lift, that I act.

Finally, the greatest key is love. The enemy cannot understand it, and cannot walk it talk it or live it,
I place this key inside your heart, that you would burn with a passion to reach the lost.

UK Look to Israel, this time peice has been ticking for centuries, it is the centre peice to the
fullfillment of my word. Do not forget the apple of my eye, hear the heart beat of this land as I hear it,
cry out for the peace of Jerusalem and I will hear your call. Take the key, and turn it
in the lock of your Nation by the authority invested within you.

San Diego, CA
August 4, 2004
Prophetic words for the 6 Continents of the World

South America
The fiery blaze of the Holy Spirit will intensify. There will be a large ongoing influx of new believers in regions of this continent. Signs and wonders, specifically healings of great magnitudes, will begin to happen. Intercessors will be crying out for their land and will bring the wave of salvations and healings into this continent. There will be a title wave of God's presence that will overtake the church. A rapid growth of churches will emerge bringing hope to the peoples of this region. I see in the spirit stadiums being full with high praises of God being lifted up. Evangelistic crusades will fill the stadiums and outdoor arenas compelling people to come to Jesus. Joy will replace sorrow and hope will replace the hopelessness that has devastated many places. Revival fires are burning bright!

There is a call coming forth from the heart of God for leadership training upon the church. This will result in a mass harvest and an overtaking of this continent bringing them to the heart of God. Rapid church multiplication will boomerang in this continent within the next 2 years. Healing crusades and the evangelistic call will overtake this continent. We will see the raising of the dead, signs and wonders and increased Holy Spirit baptisms in unparalleled numbers. Increased ministry to the poor will emerge and be in full swing with anointing upon it in the days ahead. Rivers of revival will pour forth in the land and Africa will once again see the fruit of their land increase both spiritually and physically in the coming years. The heart of Africa will pulse with the heartbeat of God and a fragrant offering will be lifted up from this continent.

The glory of God will be seen and heard in this land in the days ahead. The cry of intercession that has wailed forth in the hearts of believers will have great effect in the days ahead. Pockets of revival will spring up upon every region of this continent. Extraordinary healings and an outpouring of love will flood the land. The house church will explode within the next 3 years and leaders will be sent forth from this territory into all continents of the world. Idolatry worship will crumble day by day and the tangible presence of the Lord will be felt.

The walls of resistance will crumble and the power of God will storm this country. Church after Church will emerge and the blaze of the Spirit will overtake the land. Missionaries, evangelists, and the full 5-fold ministry will overtake this land. They will be emerging and will trailblazer paths of righteousness with great strength in the spirit. The beauty of the land will only intensify as the beauty of the Lord increases. Families will be united and children will be preaching the good news of the gospel. The Lord will use the children of this continent to lay hands on the sick and speak deliverance to the captives. Great teachers will arise forth and proclaim the principles and proclamations of the Holy Spirit. Many will feel the waters of renewal and revival sweep across the land.

Holy Spirit fire will increase. City walls will fall down and be replaced with walls of love, peace, hope and encouragement. Ancient unbiblical ways will give way to Jesus, the way, the truth and the life. Faces of sadness will turn into faces of joy. Heaviness will turn into holiness. Signs and wonders will increase in great proportions. We will see a great cloud of glory cover the regions of this continent. Where there has been doubt, hopelessness and defeat, we will see encouragement, happiness, and delight. Children will cry out for their cities and see immediate results. The elderly will see great hope before death. Translations and transformations will be common. The heavenly realm will be a normal happening in the lives of the believers. There will be 'hotspots' of dead bodies being raised that will change cities. Worship will increase and new songs for the church will emerge forth. Prophetic dance will be increasing and the love for the world will be seen in new ways. Teens will be filled with happiness and hope. Sorrow will vanish. I see in the spirit a youth revival emerging that will set the pace for this entire continent. The church will forge ahead fast and make an indelible impression on the world. Prophets will arise and Holy Spirit infillings will blaze a fiery path in the regions of Europe. Come Holy Spirit!

North America
America will be arising to a new place of influence in the days ahead. There will be a huge outbreak of youth revival that the churches will not be able to hold them all. There will be an emerging forth of radically changed youth that will lead the way to repentance and renewal in the days ahead. Stadium's nationwide will be filled with believers lifting up holy and righteous praise to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Revival will break forth in the children of America and there will be signs and wonders in the body of Christ with great waves of influence. There will be a title wave of the Spirit that breaks upon the states of our nation. We will see peoples of all ages come forth with new vigor for the sake of the master. The Lord will be giving new wineskins and will flow new wine in the church. Paradigms will shift from the conventional way of church to Holy Spirit led book of Acts church. Holy Spirit gatherings of believers will break forth in every city of America and it will be for the building of relationships in the body of Christ. The church will experience a new wave of finances to fund the work of the Lord world wide thought the Market place Apostles. The five fold ministry will be in full swing and the "Day of the Saints" will be arising with greater power than they have every seen. There will be a Rapid multiplication of House Churches and continued networks of this will be forming on a monthly basis. The Lord is shaking the church into place and we will see the body of Christ arising to a new level of life and relationship. We will see the believers taken to the "Heavenly Realms" and be given the view of the Father from Heavens vantage point. Proclamations and Declarations will be spoken with authority and we will see the earth full of the glory of God.


John Mulinde
"If we only occupy ourselves with our own calling and develop our own ministry
and don't concern ourselves with the larger calling which lies on the nation we
will at some point stagnate and go no further".

"In the nation in which we live the Christians are God's householders"
If we do not exercise our authority, the nation will sink deeper and deeper.
We must stand up and fill the land with prayer".


Worldwide Revival will come:
Matt Soger
"Every nation will experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I believe this even speaks of a worldwide awakening of the Holy Spirit that will sweep around the globe touching every nation, tribe, and tongue. No one will be left out. All flesh will encounter His glory, including every race, tribe, tongue, gender, and age group."
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