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True Balance

Running here; running there
never settling down
One day high; one day low
not finding level ground

Insecurity and instability
seemed to be my lot
Where the balance in my life,
for so which long I had sought?

Guided by feelings, oh so strong
Emotions too intense to bear
I'm either happy, afraid, or worried
or just drowning in deep dispair

Who can stabilize my rollar-coaster life?
Please help! I'm sinking fast!
Do I need some mans advice, or a cousellor,
or delve into my painful past?

Uppers, downers, anti-depressants
other psycotropic drugs
Like putting a band-aide on a deep, ghashing wound
just did not seem to do enough!

Then one day at the end of my rope
I thought I avoided all the time
I found the answer I avoided all the time
it's truly what I'd been searching for!

I found a man who can to this earth
and was beaten that I might have peace
In Him I found the balance I so longed for
He put my soul at ease!

I began to walk by faith, and not by sight
nor by feeling whether up or down
My mind was stable, my thoughts had purpose
I was free, no longer bound!

I found true happiness and joy
Contentment that never ceases
If you wonder who it was who brought true balance to my life?
It was through the man named Jesus!

The words of that 'ol song of the church still rings true even today:


Out of and Into

Out of the darkness of perpetual night
out of the shadows of terrible fright
Out of where death spells out certain doom
Out of where flowers never blossom or bloom

Into the light that fades not away
Into surroundings where I'm never afraid
Into where I'm given new life, full of grace
Into where GOD has prepared me a place

Written by Randy Gene Foncree


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