Randy and Rena welcomes you to Eagle Destinies Website. They do not represent any particular church or denomination. Their goal is to minister to hurting people regardless of denominational affiliation. Randy and Rena are believers in Jesus Christ, and desire to see people forever changed by the gospel, and encouraged by someone with a caring heart. It is their belief that God desires for every person on the earth to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. A true born again Christian does not just know about God, He or she learns to know Him personally in intimately. Christianity is relationship, not just religious expectations and demands. If you have a prayer request or a spiritual need, Randy and Rena are here to pray for you, and offer encouraging and helpful words. Randy has been gifted with wisdom from God's Word that gives him the ability to speak right to many situations in people's lives.

     Randy is a gifted author, minister, singer, songwriter, poet, and playwright. Be sure to avail yourself of reading some of his anointed writings, and listening to their music. Randy and Rena have formed a duet called, "R & R GOSPEL DUO." Their anointed singing will most certainly touch your heart. Randy also composes and performs sidesplitting comedy. Be sure and listen to his songs, "I'm No Chicken Anymore" and "Did Adam Have a Belly Button." They can be heard at: www.soundclick.com/randygfoncree. They are funny songs with a great message.

     Rena is a gifted singer and solo artist. She plays the piano, and has directed and children's choirs and plays. She is a very understanding woman and is well acquainted with grief and heartache, though she has kept a positive and godly attitude through all that she has been through.

     Randy and Rena ministers the Word and song at churches, rest homes & retirement centers, funerals, weddings, fairs, flea markets, civic events, or wherever else God opens a door. Randy's dramatized recitations and scripture quotations from memory are also a favorite wherever they minister. God bless and Randy & Rena are honored that you took time to stop by "EAGLE DESTINIES." They pray that there is something here that touches your heart, or changes your life forever...

Look to the Cross

How can I measure up, Lord to Your holy Word?
My life is filled with shame; how can my faith be sure?
Your covenant of grace seems so far removed from me,
How can I measure up, oh Lord? How can I be made free?

Look to the cross My child where Jesus gave His life,
He was my only Son; the giver of true life.
Lift your eyes to Him repenting of your sins,
Look to the cross my child; He'll give you hope within.

Lord it seems I go astray; I wander from Your care,
And I lose my peace within; my soul is in despair.
I know Your Word is true and Your love is not denied,
But it seems I go astray and hope within me dies.

Written by Randy Gene Foncree


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