Chapel of Light Ministries, Inc.

Our ministry is in DIRE NEED of the following:

A late model economical (6-8 cylinder) Mini Passenger Van - In good mechanical condition (engine, tires, heater, A/C, etc... to be used for transporting the needy to medical appointments, grocery errands, legal appointments (Social Security Office) etc.

*** Our current vehicle is a 2004 - Kia Spectra, 4dr., 4-cylinder.



A Laptop computer with built in webcam, mic, perhaps an "Apple," that has CD-R/DVD-R writing capabilities such as Light Scribe does and a built in didgital webcam. 



We are in need of a (House 3-5 bedrooms, 2-3 baths), to serve as our Church Corporate Offices, Parsonage, Clinic and Wellness Center and CRISIS Center - Emergency Guest Quarters. A place to hold weekly services, bible study, a prayer & meditation room, a kitchen to provide meals, etc...If you can donate or provide such a House for JESUS' Mighty Work, please contact us at:



Our annual operating budget for this ministry is approximately $35,000.00, we are at the ZERO mark as of today 3-13-2016. We have no funds for which to sustain this ministry in 2016.


*** Neither Chaplain Ron L. Abbott or anyone else associated with this ministry takes a salary or other financial compensation for their services to this ministry. Due to the growth of this ministry and his ministerial-counseling responsibilities, YOUR FINANCIAL HELP IS NEEDED!


If you can HELP or DONATE your assistance will be considered a Blessing from The Lord!

To Send a Donation by Mail

Send To:
Payable To:

Chapel of Light Ministries, Inc.
878 Commercial Street
Elko, NV. 89801

To make an anonymous donation with paypal, click on the link below

Won't you please consider Partnering with this ministry on a monthly basis. Your HELP is desperately needed!


Please join with us as we pray for such a miracle. I believe with GOD all things are possible.



This ministry only exists with your blessings and financial help!

Please pray for us!

In His Service,

Chaplain Ron L. Abbott, MA, M.Div., Ph.D.

"Humble Servant," for JESUS CHRIST


President-Presiding Chaplain Ordained