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Authentic Amish Hats - Made by the Amish for the Amish

These are not the cheap hats that you may find in tourist shops, these are the real thing.



Starw Hats

These straw hats are woven in Amish homes with the finishing touches put on by an Amish man who then sells them to the Amish community.    $28.75

Dress Hat
(telescope top)


These are the absolute top quality black fur felt Amish hats.  Amish men 12 - 45 years old wear this hat for formal occasions (church, wedding, funreral, etc.).     The hat has a 1 1/2" leather band on the inside.  Deminsions: 4 1/2 " high with a 3 1/2 " brim.  $78.00

Dress Hat (flat top)

In the Lancaster County Amish settlement, this flat top fur felt hat is the dress hat of choise for Amish men over 45 years old and Amish boys until they are 12 years old.  The Amish Bishop wears this hat, but he has the distinctiuon of having a 4" brim.  This hat is stocked with a 3 1/2" brim which is the most popular size in the Amish community.      $78.00

Order by exact Head Measurement in Inches


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