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This is a collection of poetry for truckers.Some days a single thought brings peace of mind during the long lonely hours on the road.
"Trucker's Prayer"

Before I step into my truck, Let me open your door.

Then bless me, Lord, and we'll be on our way.

If I should meet with misfortune along the highway,
steer me through my times of trouble.

Be the first driver and map our way.

Guide me through the fog into the next day.

Be that light that shines at the top of the hill; and help me get there
without any pills, but by way of God's will.

Let my eyes foresee the dangers and I'll lend a helping hand.

Touch me to lift my spirits I pray in Jesus' name.

Direct me on the right roads and keep me between the lines until we get where we are going.

Don't leave me behind!.

Truckers Delight

"Truckers Delight'

I'm hauling a heavy load

My bladder feels like it's going to explode

I've got a busy fleet

There's no time to eat

Traveling faster than fast

I give the horn another blast

Another car swerved into my path

Oh how I long for a l uxurious bath

Doing time on the line

Mopping at my sweat and grime

I'm getting to the finishing line

It's just a matter of time

Can' t wait to come to the end of the road

So I can drop off this heavy load

I'll jump in the back and take a long nap

I'll scarf down a farmers meal and that will be the deal

Before it's time to get behind the wheel and be on the road again

To a place I've never been

"Truckers Delight"



"What do you do for Christ each day?"

A faithful Christian said.

And I replied, "I drive a truck

And fill the stores with bread."

He said, "I know of your bread route

But that is not the thing.

I mean what do you do each day

For Jesus Christ the King?"

I said, "But I believe a man

Can work in such a way,

That selling bread is work for Christ

A sacrament each day."

Once more the man inquired, "But, sir,

If this is not unfair,

What do you do for Christ each day,

Like witnessing and prayer?"

I said, "Work is my best witness,

And selling bread to them

Is like a prayer in Jesus' name.

I drive this truck for Him!

Money Will Buy

A bed, but not sleep.

Books, but not brains.

Food, but not appetite.

A house, but not a home.

Medicine, but not health.

Amusement, but not happiness.

Finery, but not beauty.

A crucifix, but not a Savior.


I'm never alone in the morning

As I rise at the break of the day,

For Jesus who watched through the darkness

Says, "Lo, I am with you alway".

I'm never alone at my table

Though loved ones no longer I see:

For dearer than all who have vanished

Is Jesus who breaks bread with me.

I'm never alone through the daylight,

Though nothing but trials I see.

Though the furnace be seven times heated

The "form of the fourth" walks with me.

I'm never alone at the twilight,

when darkness around me doth creep,

And specters press hard round my pillow.

He watches and cares while I sleep.

I'm walking and talking with Jesus

Each day as I travel along.

I'm never alone, Hallelujah!

The joy of the Lord is my song.

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