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  Who or what organizations qualify for a free website at OurChurch.Com?

Any Christian church, Christian ministry, Christian individual, or Christian-owned business is welcome to have a website with us. Read our Statement of Faith if you are unsure of what we mean by Christian. Look for the link at the bottom of every page on our main site. All websites will be reviewed by OurChurch.Com after they are created so that we can ensure they meet this criteria.
  Are their any restrictions on what I can put on my website?

Members can do pretty much anything they want with their websites so long as it does not contradict Christian beliefs. Any content that is illegal, immoral, or offensive in nature is expressly prohibited. Additionally, content which promotes ideas that are contrary to Christian beliefs (non-Christian faiths, cults, or sinful behavior) is also prohibited. OCC reserves the sole right to determine whether any content must be removed.
  Can I put business information or my own ads on my site?

Yes, sites may include personal interests, business interests, ads and graphics for for-profit or non-profit organizations, and any other general information even if it is not specifically Christian in nature so long as it does not go against Christian beliefs.
  I already have a site with another host. Can I transfer it?

That depends on which hosting package you select. The Free and Starter hosting packages are set up to enable website building and maintenance exclusively through our NE1 website builder. For that reason, existing websites cannot be transferred to Free or Starter accounts, but NE1 is so easy to use many people prefer to build a new site with NE1 rather than transfer their existing site. With the Gold, Silver and Bronze accounts you have the option of using NE1 or uploading web pages you create yourself elsewhere.
  Do you support Microsoft FrontPage®?

Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts support FrontPage®. Free and Domain accounts do not. However, because the Microsoft® corporation has stopped supporting the Front Page® extensions, cannot guarantee proper operation of these sites.
  I'd like to design my own pages and then FTP them. Can I do this?

With Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts you can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your site. With Free and Starter accounts you cannot.
  If I pay for a web hosting package will the ads be removed?

No, the ad-free option is a separate option.
  If I create my own web pages and upload them to a Gold, Silver, or Bronze account, there won't be ads on my web pages then, right?

Right. Ads are only shown on web pages created with NE1 or BEACON. Gold, Silver, and Bronze users have the option of using NE1 to create their websites or they can create the pages themselves and upload them. If you create the pages on your own computer and upload them, there will be no ads on them. If you have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze account and build your site with NE1, it will have ads on it unless you order the ad-free option
  Can I put audio files on my website?

Again this depends on which account you have. With the NE1 website builder available with all accounts, you can place "MIDI" music as background music on your web pages. MIDI music is computer synthesized music - for an example, visit our sample page and have a listen. Recorded music and sermons cannot be converted into MIDI music files. Recorded music files in formats such as MP3, Real Audio®, and Windows Media® are supported by the Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts.
  What forms of payment do you accept?

  1. You can pay on-line using a credit or debit card.
  2. You can call us and pay by credit or debit card over the phone. Before you call, though, you must click the "Build a Site" option in the menu and do the initial creation of your website.
  3. You can mail us a money order in US funds or a check in US funds drawn from a US bank. If you pay by check or money order you must still first place an order using the "Order & Renew Premium Options" link on your webmaster page.
  4. International clients are encouraged to pay on-line by debit or credit card. If that is not possible, you can have a friend or associate in the US mail us a check with your order number on it. International clients can also mail us a Western Union money order in US funds.
  If I place an order for an upgraded account, how long does it take until it's ready?

It takes two business days from the time we receive your payment until the upgrade is complete if the domain name you have requested is not already in use. If your order includes the transferring of a domain name you have already registered elsewhere, it could take two weeks for the transfer to complete.
  Will you reserve my domain name as soon as the order is placed?

It costs money to reserve a domain name and about 1/4 of the people who place orders never send the money for the order. Therefore, we have to wait until payment is received before we can reserve the domain name. Don't worry, though, in all our years we have never had the domain name a member ordered snatched up by another organization between the time the order was placed and the payment received.
  OurChurch.Com sounds great! I want to create a website using your service, what's next?

Go to our home page at, click the "Build a Site" menu option to the left, and complete the forms that follow.

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