Add-On Modules : Guestbook Module


The Guestbook module has a feature which allows you to be notified by email when someone posts a comment.  By default, the posts will be sent to the default email address that has been set in the website “Config” section. To send the posts to a different address, enter that address in the “E-mail Address” field.

Note: Only one email address can be used at one time. Posts cannot be sent to multiple addresses.

Click the “Save changes” button when all information has been entered.

*Tip: If you are concerned about people leaving unwanted comments in your guestbook, select the “Display when accepted” option for the Comments Display Mode.  This way you can make sure only acceptable comments will be shown on your website.

*Tip 2: Spam is a big problem these days and one way spammers like to send spam is using software to search the internet looking for forms.  The software then fills out the form with the spam message and submits it.  Using the “Verification Code” option in the Guestbook prevents spam software from being able to submit their spam through your Guestbook comment form.  We highly recommend using the verification code option.

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