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  I have a module/script of my own (or found on the internet), can I use that?

The NE1 Web Builder is a self-contained product. As such there is not a way to add scripts or modules to the main engine of NE1. However, the NE1 Web Builder allows the user to insert HTML coding and/or Javascript in the content/body of the pages.
  I don't see all these modules on my site, where are they?

While many of the NE1 modules are available for every member of the family, certain modules are only available with the paid hosting packages. Currently, only the Shop Module is limited to the top 2 hosting packages.
  Can I purchase just the modules I want?

Unfortunately, this is not possible because of the configuration of the NE1 Web Builder and the methods used for setting up each website. However, most modules are available with all of the packages and only a few will require any necessary upgrades.

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