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  I have some pictures I'd like to put on my website. How do I do that?

First you have to transfer them from your computer to OurChurch.Com's server using the "Upload Graphics" option on your Webmaster page. Once a graphic has been uploaded, you will be able to select it for use on any page when editing that page or select it for one of the template elements (background, bar, bullet, buttons) for your website.
 Can I put more than one graphic on a page?

It depends on the page. For the homepage or text pages, there is a place for one graphic at the top of the page. If you add a "photos" page or "products" page, you can add an unlimited number of graphics
  I've uploaded a graphic and added it to my web page, but all I see is a red "x" on the page. Why isn't my graphic showing up?

>There can be several reasons. It could be because:
  • The graphic may be named one way on the server and another way in the HTML of the page. They must match exactly. For example, maybe the file you uploaded is called "mydog.jpg" but you typed "MYDOG.JPG" or "mydoggy.jpg" or "mydog.jpeg" in the HTML code.
  • The file is not recognized because you have named a file with .gif or .jpg extension when it is in neither format (for example, .png or .eps). To test graphics, go to your Graphics File Manager, highlight an item, and click "view." If an "x" shows up instead of a graphic, it is either named incorrectly or it is not a gif or jpeg.
  • There are spaces in the file name. While many browsers are "forgiving" when it comes to the way you name a file, it is always best to omit spaces in file names. For example, "mydadspic.jpg" or "my_dads_pic.jpg" is preferable to "my dads pic.jpg".
  • There is stray punctuation in the file name. Images can only be named with letters, numbers, and the underscore character: "mr_smiths_pic.jpg" not "mr. smith's pic.jpg"
  • The path to the file is incorrect. Files uploaded to the BEACON web builder are located in the User Directory. You can see the URL (path) to this directory by going to your Graphics File Manager and looking at the User Directory path at the top. If you are using HTML on your page, then you must be sure the path matches in the code.

If you have eliminated all of these possibilities and you still can't see the image, try this:
  • On your web page, move your cursor over the red "x" (the dropped image) and right click on it.
  • Choose "Properties."
  • Examine the address (URL) associated with the file. Is it correct? Is the file named properly? Is it being referenced correctly?
  • If you cannot troubleshoot the dropped image based on these suggestions, please submit a Help Desk ticket.
 I've uploaded a graphic but it's way too big. How do I resize it?

Whatever size the graphic is when you upload it, that is the size it is displayed. It can't be changed on our server. What you can do is resize the graphic using graphics software on your computer.

If you use Windows, it comes with MS Paint. You can start Paint by clicking the Start button -> select Programs -> Accessories -> Paint. Once you have Paint started, here are instructions for resizing a graphic.

  1. Under the File menu select Open to open the graphic you wish to resize.
  2. Under the images menu, select Attributes option. Note the width of the graphic.
  3. Next determine what width you want to resize the graphic to. The width of the body of your webpage is 468. So, if you want the graphic to fill the width of the page, you want 468. If you want half the width, 234. You can choose any width between 0 and 468.
  4. Calculate the percent for resizing. 100 x (desired width) divided by width noted using the attributes option. For example, if you want the graphic to be full width (468) and the width in the attributes is 640: 100 x 468 / 640 = 73.
  5. Under the Image menu select Stretch/Skew. In the window that follows, type in the percent for resizing in the box for horizontal and vertical. Then click OK.
  6. Under the File menu select the Save As option to save the graphic under a different name. (It's always best to keep the original and not save over it.) If your graphic is a picture, be sure for the "Save as type" option to select JPEG. If your graphic is mostly text, be sure for the "Save as type" option to select GIF.
  7. Once you have a resized graphic, you can upload it using the "Upload Graphics" function and use it instead of the overly-large version of the graphic. Please also remove the overly-large version from our server. You can do that using the "delete" button in the Upload Graphics feature.

 How do I change the background?

You can change any graphical element of your website or its entire graphical theme by selecting the "Edit Colors & Graphics" option on your Webmaster page.
 I'd like to have a certain graphical theme for my website, but it is not one of the available options. Can you create it for me?

Sorry, but no. OurChurch.Com provides more than 50 different graphical themes covering a broad array of styles and subjects. But even that won't meet every need or desire. That's why the BEACON web builder allows you to upload additional graphics and use them.

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