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  How do I access the added features available to me with Gold, Silver or Bronze hosting? Is there a separate control panel?

Yes. In addition to the BEACON Webmaster page or NE1™ Admin section, all Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages have a second control panel for administering the web hosting features provided with these pacakges. This is called cPanel and can be accessed at (replace "" with the domain name of your site). Or you can simply click the "cPanel Control Panel" link in the right column of your BEACON Webmaster page or in the "Additional OurChurch.Com Options" in the NE1™ Admin section.
  How do I use cPanel?

A complete user's manual for cPanel is available from within the control panel. OurChurch.Com also provides Flash® video tutorials which you can view by referring to the menu at left.
  If I choose to upload my own web files in lieu of BEACON or NE1™ web builders, how do I make my custom homepage show up instead of the BEACON or NE1™ homepage?

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages give you the choice between using OurChurch.Com's BEACON or or NE1™ website builder or building web pages on your own. By default these accounts are set up to use the BEACON or or NE1™ website builder. If you look around in the /public_html folder of your account you'll find the file "index.php" and the folder "view" which make this possible. If you build your website in another way, simply transfer in your own "index.html" file and that page will be displayed as your homepage when you type your domain name into your browser rather than the BEACON of or NE1™ homepage.

*Note To clarify, there is not a choice of using BEACON or NE1™. Sites originally built with the BEACON web builder can choose to stay (for the time being) with BEACON or migrate to the NE1™ Web Builder. Since built with the NE1™ Web Builder (Any site built since Dec 13th, 2007) only have the option of using NE1™.

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