Web Page Editor: Right-Click Menus


The NE1 web builder includes some features that are accessed by right-clicking within the editor. After a right-click the standard Cut, Copy, and Paste options appear, along with "Insert/Edit Image" and "Alignment". However, the right-click option also allows for inserting a table.

When right-clicking within a table, the following menu appears:

Screenshot of the right-click table menu.

Inserts a new table: This command allows for the inserting of a new table - even if the table is within another table.
Table properties: Choose this to edit table options and properties. (See help topic for "Insert table".)
Delete table: Choose this to delete the current table.
Cell: Cell properties can be adjusted here. (See "Editing a cell" help topic.)
Row: Row properties can be adjusted here. (See "Editing a row" help topic.)
Column: Column properties can be adjusted here. (See "Editing a column" help topic.)


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