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  What is a domain?

A domain is the main part of the website address such as "". It has a suffix such as .com or .net. Just like your street address helps people find your home, a domain name helps people find your site.
  What is meant by "Domain Hosting"?

When you order premium website hosting from OurChurch.Com, we purchase and register a domain for you, such as, and we set up the DNS (domain nameserver) settings on your behalf. Annual domain registration is included with every annually renewed Starter, Bronze, Silver or Gold package.

If you already have a domain name, can transfer that name and take care of the yearly renewal for you. For more information on Domain Name Transfers, please see our help page on this topic.
  How can I find out if the domain I want is already taken?

Use our convenient form below.
Check domain availability for:
  I already have a domain name. Can I transfer it?

Yes, but it is more economical to hold off on purchasing a domain (if you have not already done so) because we include domain registration with hosting and we have to charge a transfer fee for domains registered elsewhere. To transfer your existing domain, when you create your website or upgrade existing services, please indicate the existing domain name in the box provided and tick the checkbox next to "Domain Name Transfer." For more information on Domain Name Transfers, please see our help page on this topic.
  If I upgrade from the Free package to a premium hosting package, will I own the domain name?

Yes, but we will handle all of the administrative settings on your behalf.
  How much do you charge for a domain name?

OurChurch.Com does not sell domains. We include them with hosting to include registration and administration.
  I'm moving to a new host. Will you change the DNS settings?

We are disappointed to hear that you are considering leaving If there is some issue we can address that would help you to stay at OurChurch.Com, we hope you will give us the opportunity to resolve it. If not, here are instructions for moving your domain name.

  • Go to
  • Click the "new account" option in the upper right corner and create a new account.
  • Contact our support desk at with the domain name you would like moved and the username you have just registered at For security purposes, this email MUST come from the email address listed as the OurChurch.Com webmaster's email address for the site.
  • OurChurch.Com will "push" your domain name into your account.
  • At this point you have full control over your domain name. Please login to your eNom account and update the contact information for the domain name.
  • You can either keep your domain name at and pay them subsequent registration fees or you can go to another registrar and pay them to transfer your domain name to their registration services.

NOTE #1: Please do not ask us to deviate from the process above. OurChurch.Com will not tranfer your domain name to another registrar for you. We will not respond to confirmation requests should you initiate a transfer from another registrar.

NOTE #2: Expired domain names cannot be transferred. If your domain name has expired you will have to follow steps 1-5 above AND renew the domain name with eNom before it can be transferred. Or you can wait until the domain name is completely dropped (usually 60-90 days after the expiration date) at which time it can be registered anywhere.

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