What is Content Structure and Flow (CSF)?

Content Structure and Flow (CSF) is the creation and placement of information on your website in a manner that is user friendly, interactive, compelling, and accomplishes the goals you desire for your visitors (sales, registrations, etc.).

Why do I need CSF?

Many websites have good overall design. This is usually accomplished with the creation or use of a professionally designed template or design. Typically this design is carried on throughout the website and determines the color, location of the navigation menu, design of the header, and location of the content. However, where most organizations fall short is knowing what content to have on their website and knowing how to organize and present that content on their website in order to be most effective. Simply having some interesting text and pretty images and calling it a day does not equate to an effective website. Understanding the psychology and tendencies of your visitors is crucial when creating content and organizing it on your website.

Just like how grocery stores place staple products toward the sides and back of the store (so you have to wander by all the “sales” and impulse buys) and place very colorful and attractive packaged products at eye level of children, you need to create your content and flow of your website to maximize each visitors experience.

What can CSF do for me?

CSF can turn an ordinary website in to an extraordinary website. Instead of just “putting” content on pages throughout your website and hoping that your visitor will complete your desired action (purchase, register, click to the next page, etc), OurChurch.Com’s CSF service works to organize and present content with an effective design including the creation of specific paths or “funnels” to help guide your visitors to complete goals you have for your website.

What is included in the CSF service?

We start by examining your website’s structure, how the pages of your website are organized, and create a new website structure that is more intuitive and conducive to the goals of the website. Then we will work with you in creating a funnel (or funnels) for your website. A funnel consists of creating the text, images, graphics, buttons, and calls to action on up to five pages leading visitors to a specific goal on the website. The number of funnels that we create is dependent on which consulting package you purchase. If you want us to create more funnels than are included in any particular package, we can give you a quote for the additional funnels.