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Yes. Choose the "Link to OCC" menu option from our main homepage. There you will find instructions on how to add our search form HTML to your website.
No, passwords are only emailed to the address listed with the site. If someone were to type your email address into the "Request Report" page, you would be sent the status - not them.
Click on the "Request Report" menu option under the "Search" category of our main site, and then enter your email address. A listing of all the sites in OCC's search engine (including their passwords) that are associated with that email address will be...
It marks sites that have linked to OurChurch.Com or are participating in OurChurch.Com's Spread the WWWord! partnership program.
OurChuch.Com is committed to creating a community of Christian websites. For that reason, we review every website submitted to be certain that each and every website is owned and operated by a person who shares our faith. It is often extremely difficul...