Insert Media Object
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Insert Media Object:

Media objects are audio or video files. To add a Media Object click the Insert Media Media Object icon. (see figure 1) This will open the "Media" window. (see figure 2)

(figure 1)
Insert Media

(figure 2)
Insert Media

  • File/URL: The File/URL setting is where you select the media file to be displayed. In the "File/URL" section click the folder icon on the very right. This will open the "Asset Manager" window. In this window you will see a list of all the media files you have uploaded. Once you have selected your media file click the "ok" in the bottom, right of the window. (For more information about the Asset Manager and uploading files, please visit the "Asset Manager" section of the help pages.)

    Once you have selected the media file, you can select the dimensions of the display, determine whether the media is automatically started when the page is loaded; set whether the media player controls, status bar, or display are shown, and set the media to automatically rewind or loop.

    Media Source

  • Width and Height: In the "width" and "height" section enter the width and height of the media object in pixels. When setting up video, it is best if you know the actual dimensions for the video and use those dimensions.

    Media Width and Height

  • Auto Start: This setting determines whether the media begins playing automatically when the page is loaded.

    Media Auto Start

  • Show Controls: The show controls setting determines whether the controls, such as play, stop, rewind, fastfoward, etc. are displayed in the media player. We highly recommend having the controls displayed as many visitors will want to be able to control what they are viewing or hearing. Not having that control can lead to a less enjoyable experience for visitors or even cause them to leave.

    Media Show Controls

  • Show Status Bar: The show status bar setting determines whether the media player status bar is displayed. The status bar indicates how much of the media remains to be played.

    Media Status Bar

  • Show Display: When this is checked, a graphical display will show along with the standard horizontal line that designates the audio player.Auto Rewind.

    Show Display

  • Auto Rewind: When this box is checked, the file will automatically "rewind" to the beginning of playback. When combined with "Auto Start", the audio file can be made to loop continually.

    Auto Rewind

When you have selected the media file and entered the settings, click the "Insert" button at the bottom left of the window. Then click the Save Icon "Save" icon in the top, left corner of the Page Editor.

Insert Button

For more information about media, please visit our Media help pages here.