Configuration: Website Footer
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Website Footer:

Website Footer

It is always a good idea to include a footer with your website. This information is displayed at the bottom of all your website's pages. The footer can contain a copyright notice, site creator, contact info, a slogan, or even a link to a specific page. The NE1 web builder includes the copyright notice as a default. Enter what you would like displayed in the footer and then press the Save Button button to save what you have entered.

*Tip: Certain items in brackets {} can be used throughout the web design process as a method for insuring that these items are accurate and making the editing a lot easier. For example, the code {%WebsiteName%} will always display on your website with the contents of the "Website Name" field. (See "Website Name") As a result, by changing one setting (your "website name" field) you can change all instances of this item throughout your site instead of having to change every instance separately.


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