Configuration: Sub-menu Options
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Sub-menu Options:

Sub-menu Options

This drop-down menu allows you to choose the format in which you would like the submenus to work on your website. There are three choices which work as follows:

1. "Sub-menu heading links to a list of pages in the sub-menu": Choosing this will cause the main menu item (heading) to open up a page that displays links to all of the pages represented by the sub-menu names the drop down from this menu item.

2. "Sub-menu heading links to a page": Choosing this will cause the heading itself to represent its own page. Items that drop down underneath this heading will also have their own page.

3. "Sub-menu heading is not clickable": Choosing this will cause the heading to simply be a representation of what drops down beneath it. This heading cannot be clicked as nothing will happen.

Press the Save Button button to save what you have entered.


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