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SEO Friendly:

SEO Friendly

"SEO" stands for "Search Engine Optimization" - a term that means your site is setup to take the most advantage of search engines such as Google® or Yahoo®. The SEO Friendly drop down box allows you to choose the "Link Add-on" feature. The "Link Add-on" feature allows you to add words to the URL (web address) of each page.


Typically a contact page web page created by the NE1 Web Builder will have a URL like this:

or if you have a domain name, like this:

With the "Link Add-on" feature, you can add words to the end of the URL in place of the web page name. So, you could have a URL like: Computer-Parts-Contact-Form

or Computer-Parts-Contact-Form

This allows you to put keywords (Computer Parts) into your page\'s URLs (web addresses) which can help in the search engines.

The words that are used in the URL (web address) are determined for each page by the "SEO Words" setting under the "SEO Features" tab. You can leave this turned off if SEO is not important for your website. Press the Save Button button to save what you have entered.


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