Configuration: Maximum Menu-item Length
Posted by , Last modified by Robert Papalid on 30 October 2019 08:52 AM

Maximum Menu-Item Length:

Max Menu Length

This feature has been added as a convenience to those who like to use a lot of different templates - or simply want to be aware of menu items that could alter or distort the template. Each NE1 template has been designed to allow for a certain number of characters for each menu item. If the number of characters used is too large, the template will often distort or "start over" - causing a repetition of the theme background and a strange look. Putting a number in this box (25, for example) will keep your menu items from becoming too long. This is an optional feature and an empty box will allow for as many characters as you like, though too many characters will have an unpredictable outcome.

Press the Save Button button to save what you have entered.


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