Configuration: Admin Email Address
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Administrator's Email:

Admin Email

Enter your email address into this field. This is the address that will receive administrative emails from OurChurch.Com related to your account. This will also be the default email address for all modules which contain an email feature, such as the contact form, newsletter, guestbook, blog, and prayer request inquiries or post notifications. Make sure you enter a valid email address that you check regularly in order to receive important account information. Then press the Save Button button to save what you have entered.

*Note: It is important to keep your contact email address updated. Failure to do so may result in your missing important emails related to your account and possible suspension of your website if the contact email account is invalid.

*Tip: Each module that has an email feature allows you to determine what email address to use for that specific module. So, you can have guestbook entry notifications sent to one email address and contact form info sent to another email address.


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