Add a New Menu
Posted by , Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 19 March 2019 09:04 AM

Add a New Menu:

This feature is primarily for administrative purposes. The purpose of additional menus is to give the webmaster a convenient method to organize all the pages that have been created, without necessarily making these pages available to the public. A good example would involve a page that was designed specifically for Christmas or any other holiday. During the “off-season” the page may need to be accessed once in awhile by the webmaster – but not by the public. To keep things neatly organized, the webmaster can add a new menu that lists all holiday pages, for example, and provides an easy method for organizing those pages. It is important to note that any additional menus created will not be seen by the public when using a standard NE1 template.  The new NE1 templates are designed to contain one main menu only.  Custom templates can be designed to use multiple menus

Menu settings are accessed by the “Menu Options” tab at the top of the webmaster page.

To add a new menu, type the desired menu name into the “Menu name:” box and click the “Add a new menu” button. The new menu will be instantly available in the listing on the left side of the admin pages.