Managing Series Types
Posted by Michelle Mabuti, Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 11 February 2018 11:13 AM

What is a Series Type?

The "Series Type" field is an organizational value (invisible to your visitors) that will help you control how content is displayed throughout your site. Some users will need to create many, and some users will only need one. You can build your Series Engine plugin to be as simple or robust as you like!

How about a quick example based on a church using Series Engine...

On their main media page, the church wants to display all Sunday Morning Series. To accomplish this, they've created the Series Type "Sunday Morning Series" and have assigned a number of Series to this Series Type. The custom embed code they placed on their main media page is set to show the most recent message from any Series with the Series Type of "Sunday Morning Series."

Later on, their Women's ministry decides that they want to have a Women's Media page on their section of the website. To accomplish this with the Series Engine, the church simply creates a new Series Type ("Women's Series") and associates all women's Series with this Series Type. With all of this set up, the church can now create Series and Messages that will only be displayed on the Women's Media page.

Setting a Primary Series Type

Series Engine requires that you set a Primary Series Type to use throughout the plugin. Series Engine will make this the default value when creating a new Series, using the Simple Embed Code and more. If you're using only one Series Type in your setup, the Primary Series Type is set to this Series Type by default.

To change the Primary Series Type, navigate to Series Engine > Settings. On the "General Settings" tab, select your preferred Primary Series Type from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, and select "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page when you're finished.

Please note: the Series Type currently selected as the Primary Series Type cannot be deleted. If you want to delete that Series Type, you'll need to first choose another Series Type to be Primary.

Creating a New Series Type

To create a new Series Type, navigate to Series Engine > Edit Series Types. At the top of the page, select "Add New" to the right of the page title.

Use the provided form to give your Series Type a Name (required) and a description (optional). When you're done, click "Add New Series Type" to add the Series Type to Series Engine.

Editing an Existing Series Type

To edit an existing Series Type, navigate to Series Engine > Edit Series Types. Click on the title of the Series Type that you would like to edit.

Use the provided form to edit the name (required) and the description (optional). When you're done, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to edit the order in which your Series Types appear throughout the admin interface, navigate to Series Engine > Edit Series Types, click the sort icon beside a Series Type's title and drag the entire row to another position in the list.

Deleting a Series Type

To delete a Series Type, navigate to Series Engine > Edit Series Types. From this list, find the Series Type you would like to delete, and click the red "Delete" link on the right side of the row.

Remember, a Series Type cannot be deleted while it is set as the Primary Series Type.

Please note: Deleting a Series Type will not remove associated Series/Messages, but it will likely interfere with any custom Series Engine embeds that you have previously set up. You may need to generate new embed codes for those pages.