Managing Series Engine Widgets
Posted by Michelle Mabuti, Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 13 June 2018 01:16 PM

What is a Widget?

Widgets are a core component of WordPress that allow you to quickly and easily add small pieces of functionality to any widgetized section of your website. Simply drag and drop the widget where you want it, choose and few quick settings, and you've added a great new feature to your website!

Series Engine currently includes one widget called "Series Engine - Lists." This widget will allow you to place a list of Series Engine Messages, Series, Topics or Speakers on any widgetized area within your site. You can use as many or as few Series Engine widgets as you like!

Customizing the "Series Engine - Lists" Widget

To get started, simply navigate to Appearance > Widgets. Find the "Series Engine - Lists" widget in the "Available Widgets" box, and drag an instance of it to any of the widget areas listed on the right side of the page.

Next, use the provided form to enter the following options:

  • Title - What title do you want displayed alongside of the widget in your sidebar?
  • What to Display - Choose the type of list you want the widget to display.
  • From What Series Type? - Choose the Series Type you want the widget to display items from.
  • Show extra details? - By default, the widget will display only a list of links according to your chosen criteria. If you choose to display extra details, the widget will include several other pieces of information about each item. This feature is great if you're using Series Engine to flesh out a theme, as these items are intentionally easy to style and customize with CSS.
  • Link to What URL? - Choose the URL where the widget will link its items to. You'll want to choose a page/post that has Series Engine installed on it.
  • Number of Items to Display - How many items do you want to display in the list?

Choose "Save" to finish setting up your widget. You can edit these settings at any time by expanding the widget's details and following the same process.

Removing the "Series Engine - Lists" Widget

To remove a Series Engine widget from your site, simply drag it out of the chosen widget area, or expand the widget's details and choose "Delete."