About Audio/Video in Series Engine
Posted by Michelle Mabuti, Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 12 February 2018 09:26 AM

The Series Engine plugin is the best way to mange your video and audio files from across the web in one simple interface.

Video Content

Most Series Engine users approach video content from a BYOV (Bring Your Own Video!) perspective. Series Engine allows you to import video content from the great services you already use: Vimeo, YouTube, etc. If you can generate an embed code with the video service, you can use it with Series Engine.

Previous versions of the plugin required video content to be hosted with outside sites, but Series Engine can now display self-hosted video content in its native (MediaElement-based) video player. You'll find more details on this in the User Guide below.

Please note: video podcasts are a little more advanced and require you to upload a properly formatted video file to your web host and supply Series Engine with a link to that file. More details in the Podcasting section of this guide.

Audio Content

To display audio on your pages, Series Engine includes the awesome MediaElement.js framework to allow your visitors to listen to an MP3 on your site directly within their web browser.

To accomplish this, you'll need to upload an MP3 using WordPress (if your upload file-size limit allows this), or upload the MP3 to your web host and supply Series Engine with a link to that file. Series Engine will use the same MP3 file to create your audio podcasts as well.