About Permalinks in Series Engine
Posted by Michelle Mabuti, Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 20 June 2018 10:05 AM

Series Engine automatically generates pretty, SEO-friendly permalinks for each Message. Permalinks can be accessed from the Share menu of every Message, where you'll find one-click options for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or by copying a link.

A wealth of permalink settings can be found in Settings > Series Engine > Advanced, where you can change the slug used with Series Engine permalinks and change the options for what is displayed on each permalinked Message page.

Changing the Permalink Slug

By default, your permalinks will resemble:


You can easily change the permalink slug structure (highlighted above) in Settings > Series Engine > Advanced.

If you change your slug, your previously shared Series Engine permalinks will no longer work. You'll also need to head over to Settings > Permalinks and save the page there so the new permalink slug structure will kick in.

If you just want to adjust the message title as seen in the permalink, you can do this in each Message's "Advanced Settings" tab (when you're editing the Message).

Customizing Permalink Pages

By default, your permalinks are shown in your theme's single.php and archives.php templates. If you would like to customize these pages in your theme, you can create single page and archive templates specifically for Series Engine permalink pages by placing files named "single-enmse_message.php" and "archive-enmse_message.php" in your theme's main directory. Customize these as you see fit, but please note that we do not provide support of any kind for theme customization of this nature.

If you want to add additional content to your permalink pages on a case-by-case basis, you can turn on the Custom Post Type view in Settings > Series Engine > Advanced and edit the permalink pages in the new "Messages" menu in the WordPress dashboard. This is for advanced users only, as it can get confusing to see Series Engine content in two places (and deleting these pages can permenantly break your permalinks).

About Permalink Search Results

Permalink pages also show up when someone searches for a Message using the native search function on your site. The title and excerpt are automatically generated from your Message details, and will resemble the format below:

Message Label: "The Message Title Here" from Speaker Name

A message from the series "The Primary Series Title Here." The message description follows here.