Choose Fonts and Colors for Your Embed
Posted by Michelle Mabuti, Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 13 June 2018 01:09 PM

Series Engine was built to fit right into your site; with a few quick tweaks to your font and color settings, you can style Series Engine to complement just about any theme.

Navigate to Series Engine > Settings. Near the top of the page, choose the "Fonts and Colors" option.

To change the font of your Series Engine media browser, simply check the box next to the font family you would like to use.

To adjust the color of various Series Engine elements, simply click the input field of the item you want to change, and select a new color using the color picker.

When you've made all of the changes you want, click " Save Changes" at the bottom of the page. Your style changes will now be reflected on all Series Engine media browsers throughout your site.