What forms of payment do you accept?
Posted by , Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 15 February 2018 09:37 AM
  • You can pay on-line using a credit or debit card.
  • You can call us and pay by credit or debit card over the phone. Before you call, though, you must click the "Build a Site" option in the menu and do the initial creation of your website.
  • You can mail us a money order in US funds or a check in US funds drawn from a US bank. If you pay by check or money order you must still first place an order using the "Order & Renew Premium Options" link on your Webmaster page.
  • International clients are encouraged to pay online by debit or credit card. If that is not possible, you can have a friend or associate in the US mail us a check with your order number on it. International clients can also mail us a Western Union money order in US funds.
Your account will not be credited or upgraded until payment is received and processed. You will receive an email confirmation when everything is ready. We do not accept non-US currency or checks drawn from non-US banks.