Audio and Video Formats
Posted by Paul Steinbrueck, Last modified by Paul Steinbrueck on 03 September 2015 11:21 AM

Audio and Video Formats

One of the biggest barriers that prevents website visitors from being able to listen to audio or watch video on a website is when a plugin is required to be installed in their web browser to listen/watch.  Many of common formats require a plugin - .wmv, .wma, .mov.  Some web browsers are making it extremely difficult to install the necessary plugins to play these audio/video files.

MP3 audio can be played in any web browser without a plugin.  MP4 video can be played in the most commonly used web browsers without a plugin.  Therefore, we highly recommend using these formats.

If your audio/video is in another format.  You can use a free online converter like or you can download and install a more comprehensive converter program like the FreeMake audio converter and video converter.

Note: you can still embed other types of audio and video files in your NE1 website if you want to.  However, if you notice you can't play them or get a message from one of your visitors that they can't play them and then report that to our support team, after we confirm the audio/video file is working, we're going to tell you to either convert it to MP3/MP4 or tell your visitors to install the necessary plugins.