User Access Manager
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The NE1 User Access Manager allows organizations to create a separate login/account for individual users to edit predetermined pages. For example, a church could assign a specific login for the Youth Pastor or Minister of Music to edit their own pages.

To access the User Access Manager, click the "Add-On Modules" tab at the top of your webmaster page. To begin, click the "Add New User" button and assign settings for each user being created.

User Access

Options are given for each user so that responsibilities can be limited by assigned pages. Click the pages that the user is allowed to edit - as many pages as necessary. Then, click the modules that the user will have access to. Note that in most cases modules would be handled by the site administrator and would not be necessary for additional users. Finally, click the Actions that will be allowed for the user.

This module is a great way to allow others to be allowed in the design of your site, without handing out administrator passwords or otherwise lessening the security of the site.