Gallery: Configuration
Posted by , Last modified by on 21 June 2011 12:47 PM

The NE1 Gallery module is a powerful and easy way to display a photo gallery on your website. The "Config" tab of the gallery editor allows for several adjustments in the way your gallery is displayed. The options are as follows:

Gallery Config

Thumbnails Width: Enter the desired thumbnail width as measured in pixels (a standard thumbnail photo is 140 pixels wide). This measurement applies to pictures that are not yet added to the gallery. Once a picture has been uploaded, the width of the thumbnail will not be changed if this setting changes.

Thumbnails Square: This is an optional setting that will create a square box surrounding the thumbnail pictures. Enter a number of pixels to determine the size of the square box.

New Images Order: Use this drop down menu to determine where any new images should appear in your gallery. Choosing "Front", for example, will place all new pictures at the front end of the gallery list.

Gallery Sorting: You can choose the order in which your pictures will be displayed. Note that the images will then be sorted by their file name - NOT by captions or comments. Also note that the pictures can be hand-sorted by dragging and dropping the pictures into the desired order. The manual sorting WILL override any choice for this setting.

Images Per Page: Place a number here to determine how many pictures will be displayed before the gallery is forced to create a new page of pictures.

Images Per Row: Place a number here to determine how many pictures will make up one row in the gallery. Note that leaving this blank will let the browser and the margins decide how many pictures can most comfortable fit across the page.

Hide Comments from Gallery Display: This setting will hide all comments/captions from site visitors. However, the comments themselves will continue to be visible to the administrator when editing the galleries.

Be sure to click the "Save Changes" button to save your gallery settings.