Can you recommend a free FTP program
Posted by on 22 December 2010 09:58 AM
Free FTP programs are scarce these days but we have found one that we can recommend. It's called Core FTP LE and it has proven to be a good, solid application. You can read more about it and download the free version by visiting the Core FTP website

OurChurch.Com previously recommended FTP Commander, which is also a good program but not quite as robust as Core FTP. For example, FTP Commander only permits you to upload one file at a time and it does not allow you to change file permissions, or "chmod," an advanced feature that some Perl, CGI and PHP script files require. You may wish to compare the two programs and see which one you prefer. 

Another great free FTP program is called FileZilla. You can get information on this as well as download a copy by going here.

You can also do a search for FTP programs and read what users say about them by visiting you find that Core FTP or FTP Commander are no longer free or if you find a program that you can recommend as well, please let us know by visiting our forums. Thanks.)