How do I create an audio file from a CD?
Posted by on 22 December 2010 09:50 AM
If you are using the Windows Media Player to rip songs from a CD, start the Windows Media Player. Right-click on the Rip tab, move your mouse down to “Tools” and then over to “Options.” On the window that pops up, click the “Rip Music” tab. Select “MP3” for the format, and move the Audio Quality to “Smallest Size” (128 Kbps). Put the CD into your CD player and click the “Rip” tab. MP3 files will be created in a sub-folder inside you’re My Music folder.

To do pseudo-streaming of MP3 files, you will also have to create a text .m3u file for each audio file. Use a text editor such as Notepad, enter a single line with the URL of the audio file, and save that file. For example, if I have an audio file at I simply put that address into Notepad and save it as Track1.m3u. You can also list more than one file in the m3u text file. They will be played sequentially as you have them listed in your m3u text file. This allows you to break up very large audio files into smaller files and then have them play as one file for your visitors or create compilations of songs. Just list the smaller files in order in the m3u file.

If you are using RealProducer to create RealMedia files or another MP3 encoder, use the instructions that come with that software.