What is streaming audio and can I do it?
Posted by on 22 December 2010 09:48 AM
Streaming audio enables a person to listen to audio at the same time it is downloading. True streaming technology adjusts the the bit rate of the audio to match the listeners connection speed. True streaming requires special streaming server software that is rather expensive. OurChurch.Com does not offer true streaming.

In most applications pseudo-streaming is adequate. Pseudo-streaming does not adjust the bit rate of the audio but does enable the listener to begin listening to the audio file immediately as the audio is downloading. In fact, when most people think of streaming audio, this is pseduo-streaming is what they are looking for.

Pseudo-streaming is accomplished by creating and linking to a little text file that points to the audio file. More information about setting up pseudo-streaming is included under the quesiton "How do I create an audio file from a CD?"