Shop: Item List
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Item List:

The \"List Items\" page for the Shop Module is the default page shown when the module is configured. It contains a listing of all items that will be available in the inventory for your online store. The far right column reflects the status for each item. A \"yes\" status means the item is visible to the public and ready to be sold. You can activate or deactivate an item by clicking on the \"Yes\" or \"No\" link in the \"Active\" column.

*Note: The \"yes\" and \"no\" in the \"Active\" column indicates the current status. So, \"yes\" means the item is active and \"no\" means that the item isn\'t active. Therefore, if you click on the \"yes\", you are actually deactivating the item and vice-versa. Items can be deleted by clicking the \"Delete\" text link and they can be edited by clicking the \"Edit\" text link. The order of this listing is determined in the \"Items Order\" configuration.