Shop: Add Item
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Add Item:

The NE1 Shop module is one of the easiest to use on the Internet today. Select \"Shop\" in the \"Add-On Modules\" menu at the top of your admin page. A list of currently available items is displayed. If you have not yet added an item, then no items will be in the list. Click the \"Add Item\" button at the top of the \"Shop\" page to add a product. This will bring up a short form in which you can provide the item\'s name, price, and description as well as pictures.

  • Item Name - The name of the item you are selling.
  • Item ID - If you would like to have a product ID number to help you track orders, you can include an Item ID. There is no set format for this feature, so you can use whatever you wish for your ID numbers.
  • Price - Enter the cost of the item. By default the price is set in American Dollars, however, if you wish to use a different currency, you can change that in the \"Shop Configuration\" section.
  • Short Overview - The Short overview is a brief description of the item and is displayed with the Item Name and a thumbnail of one of the pictures you have uploaded for the item (if you have pictures) on the products page of the shop. This is typically a short, attention grabber.
  • Long Overview - If a visitor clicks on the \"Details\" link for the item, then the visitor will be taken to a page which shows all the information about the item, including the Long Overview. The Long Overview gives you the ability to include detailed information about the item.
  • Item Images - You can have up to 4 pictures setup for your item. To upload a new picture, click one of the \"Upload Image\" buttons. Then browsed for the picture you want on your computer, select it, and click the \"Upload\" button. Once uploaded, an image can be deleted by checking the \"Delete Image box and clicking the \"Save Changes\" button. If you upload more than 1 picture for an item, the number 1 item will be the one displayed in the products pages. The other pictures will be available for visitors to browse.

*Note: You can always edit an item after it is created, so don\'t be afraid to experiment.

Fill in as many of the fields as you wish and then click the \"Save Changes\" button to save all information to your catalog.