Calendar: Other Settings
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Configuring the Other Calendar Settings:

The "Other" settings for the calendar are settings which are not limited to the Calendar Heading, Column Heading, Date Heading, or Events. These settings include the Time format, color for today's date, and calendar width.


When viewing the calendar, the current date is given a different color by default. This can be very helpful for visitors.

To set the "Today's Date Color" setting:

  1. Click in the Today's Date Color text box (which should have a 7-character code starting with the pound sign, like "#adadad").

    1. First use the outside color ring to determine the general color. Click in the ring on the color you want and the selector circle should move there.
    2. Once you\'ve chosen the general color, you can determine the shade of the color (darkness) by clicking in the inner color box. When you click on the shade you want, the selector circle for the box should move to where you clicked.
    3. You can see the color and shade you have chosen by looking at the Font Color text box. The background for the text box will display the color you have chosen.
  2. Use the color wheel to the right to adjust the color:
  3. Once you have set the Font Color (and any other settings), click the \"Save button.

There are two areas of the calendar in which you can adjust the Time Format, the calendar's month view and the event description view.

To determine the Time Format for either the month view or description view:

  1. Click the drop-down menu for the Time Format you wish to change.
  2. Select the format you want to use.
  3. Once you have set the Time Format(s) (and any other settings), click the \"Save "Save Changes" button.


To adjust the width of the entire calendar:

  1. Click the Calendar Width drop-down menu and select whether you would like to determine the width of the calendar by percentage (%) or pixels (px).
  2. Next, enter the value of the width for the calendar. (The default width is 100% or 475 px)
  3. Once you have set the Time Format(s) (and any other settings), click the \"Save "Save Changes" button.