Calendar: General Info
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Configuring the Calendar:

The Calendar module allows you to configure many aspects of the calendar. You can change the colors, font type, and size of text for each part of the calendar (heading, events, dates, etc.). You can also configure the date and time format, calendar width, and event highlight color.


You can also restore the default setting for ALL the parts of the calendar at any time by selecting the "Restore Defaults" option, located at the bottom of any of the configuration pages, and clicking the \"Save button.

Parts of the Calendar:


There are four main parts to the calendar:

  • Calendar Heading: This is the top of the calendar which contains the month and year.
  • Column Headings: These are just below the Calendar Heading and contain the days of the week.
  • Date Headings: These are the cells of the calendar which contain the dates of the month (1, 2, 3…31)
  • Events: This is the content boxes for each day which can contain the events for the day.

To configure a particular part of the calendar click the "Config" button at the top of the Events Calendar page. Then click the link for element of the calendar you want to configure.

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